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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 05.04.10

Offseason Plans:  I've got a short list of some DTN offseason plans.  I don't know that I'll be able to get to all of this stuff during the offseason, but it's at least something:

Opponent Previews
Finding 25 on Offense and 25 on Defense
Assistant Coach Profiles
Top 5 _____
Top 10 Plays from 2010

Truthfully, I think this is more than enough, maybe too much, to last the entire summer.  If anyone wants to volunteer writing any of these items, let me know.  I've started an HTML template for the opponent previews and the Finding 25 series. 

Whitney Update:  To remind everyone, Bo Whitney, a tight end from Hargrave Military Academy, is set to arrive in June, talked with's Kevin Melton.  I found a couple of things interesting, which included that he did not enjoy his experience at Hargrave:

"I didn't like the experience too much there," he said. "I didn't like that military lifestyle. I also had to try out twice before I made the team. I tried out the first time as a quarterback and then the second time as a tight end."

I guess despite his experience at Hargrave, Whitney still kept in touch with Robert Prunty, current Texas Tech defensive line coach and former Hargrave head coach:

"Coach Prunty went to coach the defensive ends and said that Tuberville needs a tight end for his system," he said. "He called me and told me to come to Texas Tech, so I went out in March and attended a scrimmage at their Junior Day. I got to see what they are doing offensively, and I liked it. They don't have any tight ends currently on the roster, so it works out perfectly for me."

And Whitney sounds appreciative of the opportunity:

"The great thing is I'll be playing under a scholarship," Whitney said. "A friend of mine told me my message inside a fortune cookie should say, ‘Get knocked down seven times, stand up eight.' You just have to keep trying."

Tuberville Conference Call:  I didn't discover this until last night, but the official Big 12 site has the post-spring conference calls from all of the Big 12 head coaches.  I listened to Tuberville's Q&A last night and there's nothing exciting, but if you're looking to find something to do other than TPS reports, then this is a good place to start.

Ubben Assaults Red Raiders Across Globe:  The subject line is obviously not true, but thought it would catch everyone's attention.  ESPN's David Ubben comes out with his post-spring power rankings, which are obviously incredibly valuable at this time of year.  My two cents is that Ubben doesn't have a vendetta against Texas Tech, he's just a guy giving his opinion, and your opinion is just as worthwhile as his.  Feel free to give him hell or credit on the WWL, but don't lose sleep over anyone's opinion.  And as an aside, Ubben initially picked Baylor ahead of Texas Tech prior to the spring, so I'd imagine that after <sarc>everything that's gone on during the spring, the Red Raiders have proven themselves to obviously be better than the Bears</sarc>.  Baby steps.  Ubben also ranked the Big 12 non-conference schedules.  Texas Tech is somewhere in the middle.

Doran Named National Pitcher of the Week:  Per the official site, Saturday's game-winner Bobby Doran, who pitched 8.1 innings and struck out 16 batters. 

Versatile Mayo:  LAJ's George Watson writes about catcher Jeremy Mayo pitching 1.2 innings on Sunday, an effort that helped the team secure the series-winning victory on Sunday.  Here's head coach Dan Spencer and Watson on his decision-making:

"We knew we were playing with a time limit and we weren't going back out on the field (after the ninth inning)," Spencer said. "You just get to a point where you're trying to find someone. Give me a competitor, and you throw them out there and see what you've got. We didn't have a lot of options and we knew Bruening was going to be a short burst after throwing a lot of pitches on Friday, and he came in and got his man, and it all worked out."

Chalk it up as another unorthodox yet brilliant move for a coach who's had to coax and plead and beg and cajole a team into doing things that, on paper, it probably shouldn't be doing.

And how about this quote:

Spencer said the dugout at times can be quite combative, but in a good way, with players getting on each other to perform.

"The thick-skinned guys stay and the thin-skinned guys go somewhere else, and that's how it works," Spencer said.

Hmmm.  An environment where people are held responsible, even by their peers. 

Good stuff from Watson, go read the whole thing, which includes the thought that Spencer should win the Big 12 coach of the year, despite what the Longhorns are doing as Spencer is truly doing more with less.