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Five Questions :: Preseason Big 12 Thoughts


With all of the preseason magazines being published, I thought that it would be appropriate to get your opinions about who you think will be players or posers in the Big 12.

1. Athlon Sports is releasing their Top 25 and right now, Nebraska is ranked #7, Texas is ranked #8 and Missouri is ranked #21. We don't know if Oklahoma will be ranked within the top five, but they may be in the mix as well. ESPN's Mark Schlabach has Texas at #4, Nebraska at #7, Oklahoma at #12 and Texas A&M at #25.  Are any of these teams over-rated, and if so, why?

2. Which Big 12 teams are under-rated? Who do you see as the darkhorse teams in the Big 12 South and Big 12 North?

3. If you don't think that any of these teams that are ranked are worthy of such a high preseason ranking, do you think it will be a down year for the Big 12?

4. Who do you think wins the Big 12 South, Big 12 North and the championship game in 2010?

5. Which two Big 12 coaches do you think have the hottest seat for the 2010 season?