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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 05.25.10

American Needle vs. NFL:  This was something I found interesting, not related to Texas Tech in the least.  Per the NY Times, the Supreme Court ruled that the NFL was not a single entity, but rather 32 independent teams.  The issue here was that the NFL signed an exclusive clothing agreement with Reebok, which left out smaller companies to provide apparel to NFL teams, like American Needle.  Smart Football's Chris Brown is all over this ruling, which may not prove to be as big as it seems today as American Needle still has more litigation ahead of them in order to "win".

Another Regent Files Response and Bingham Testifies:  LAJ's Matthew McGowan reports that Larry Anders had his attorneys file documents to state that he's not personally liable and should be removed from the lawsuit.  Also, McGowan writes about Texas Tech attorney Charlotte Bingham and her big day on Capital Hill as she testified about concussions.  Make no mistake that I don't think that anyone thinks that concussions are a laughing matter and the part that seems to have gone over-looked by Mrs. Bingham is whether or not there is anything that says that a dark room or shed is an improper way to treat concussions.  There's no doubt in my mind that Leach didn't want Sally James near the football team, but the question that is seemingly ignored is whether or not Leach treated James improperly as to the concussion.  I still haven't seen any study that says that a dark room is improper treatment, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

Conference Realignment:  Our burnt orange bretheren has a couple of good conference realignment discussions yesterday.  BON's Hopkins Horn writes that Texas to the SEC isn't crazy, and Texas Tech could come along for the ride and BC's TaylorTRoom writes about how the Texas legislature might play into the battle to keep certain schools from jumping ship or for other schools looking to jump into the ship.  The interesting note from the BON article was this nugget from SEC commissioner Mike Silve who, when asked about the politics of the state of Texas:

I can’t speak for anyone else, but we’re in the state of Texas neighborhood, and we watch and enjoy the success that Texas, and [Texas] A&M and [Texas] Tech have all experienced and respect it greatly. And we understand, in many ways, the goals and aspirations of the schools in Texas are the same as the goals and aspirations of the people in the SEC.

I don't know if this is some sort of indication that Texas Tech would be considered as an option, which I, and many others, have completely ruled out as just not being a  "good fit".  The fact that Silve offered up Texas Tech and mentioned the Red Raiders in the same breath as UT and TAMU is at the very least interesting.

SMU Death Penalty Documentary:  Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton with a post on how ESPN has green-lighted a documentary regarding the death penalty at SMU:

ESPN has green-lighted Pony Excess, directed by SMU film school graduate Thaddeus D. Matula, to air on the night of the Heisman Trophy presentation in December as part of the network’s 30 for 30 series.

Matula and his crew are still gathering material on the film, which will examine the SMU scandal in the context of Texas' oil-fueled economy of the late '70s and early '80s and the cutthroat Dallas newspaper war of that era between the Morning News and the late Dallas Times-Herald. The title, of course, is wordplay on the Pony Express nickname for the [Eric] Dickerson-[Craig] James teams.

Hinton notes that both Dickerson and James were never implicated in the scandal, but it will be interesting to see if this documentary bring to light anything new regarding the players and the programs.  Perhaps it's time that someone took a little bit of a closer look at this again.  I'm interested.

Season Ticket Sales at Record High:  LAJ's Matthew McGowan writes that season ticket sales are at an all-time high:

With three months left before the season opener against Southern Methodist University in early September, the university has already sold more than 27,570 season tickets.

That’s higher than all of last year’s sales and well on course to break 2008’s record of more than 30,000. The runaway numbers have taken the university’s athletic staff somewhat off-guard.

I mentioned this in the podcast I did with Blatant Homerism.  The question was asked of me if there was still this huge upheaval, and my thought was that there are still people upset, but I also thought that whatever happened five months ago wasn't necessarily going to keep people away.  That there is also this group of people who really liked the change, although that's obviously not the vocal majority here at DTN.  Lots of folks have short memories and it's hard to sustain that sort of resentment over a long period of time.

Meaningless Conference Rankings:  ESPN's Mark Schabach ranks the conferences and the Big 12 is third, behind the SEC and the Big 10.  This is a yawn for me, but if you're interested, then have at it.

Barnes, Freshman of the Year:  I don't know if this is official (I don't think it is) or just NewsOK, but they've named 1B/RF Barrett Barnes the Big 12 Freshman of the year.  Congrats!