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Five Questions :: Offensive Line Pondering


1.  Now that you've been able to opine or observe the various thoughts regarding the possibility of conference realignment, has your opinion about where Texas Tech will land changed or has your opinion remained the same?

2.  When Tuberville arrived at Texas Tech, the offensive line generally lost a bit of weight, sometimes 15 to 30 pounds per player.  Do you think this is a good thing? 

3.  Last year, I think that Texas Tech fans underestimated the loss along the offensive line and this year, the line will be replacing both Brandon Carter and Marlon WinnChris Olson, Blake Emert, Deveric Gallington, Mickey Okafor or LaAdrian Waddle, are mostly unproven (except for Olson, who may play at center or guard or tackle).  Is this your biggest offensive concern going into the 2010 season?

4.  Quick prediction and related to question #3:  who do you think starts at right guard and right tackle?

5.  I've written my preseason prospectus about the SMU Mustangs and some of you expressed the thought that the biggest question mark is that the 2010 version of Texas Tech is a complete unknown, both offensive and defensively.  Aside from what we don't know about Texas Tech, what concerns you most about the Mustangs?