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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 05.19.10

So Much Stuff:  It's crazy how many links are out there today.  Go get a fresh cup of coffee before you start.

Regents File Motion to Dismiss:  LAJ's Matthew McGowan reports that Chairman Larry Anders and Vice-chairman Jerry Turner have filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that they cannot be sued in their individual capacity, while Leach initially included them in the lawsuit because they over-stepped the line in regards to Leach's termination, and effectively waiving their sovereign immunity.  If you want to read quite a bit more on the lawsuit, KWashburn emailed me this link from an attorney, William H. Glover, Jr. (I think he lives in Mississippi), who has done a fantastic job of laying out the facts and issues. 

Tier One News:  LAJ reports that an additional $15 million was given to Texas Tech with a cotton research grant:

Higher education in Texas is struggling financially. We all know that. We are a society of immediate gratification. We've heard about tier one and expect it to be done automatically. Unfortunately, it's just not that easy. So imagine $15 million being dropped in your lap - $10 million for research collaboration and $5 million for a proposed new building.

It's like winning the lottery. This is what happened to Texas Tech's Department of Plant and Soil Science - and the "lottery" is compliments of Bayer CropScience ($7.5 million) and matching state funds ($7.5 million). This is the largest grant in departmental history.

"This is the type of opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime," said Tom Thompson, the department's chairman. "For us, it will create possibilities for expanding our research. It's going to allow us to develop our research infrastructure and to be a part of what ultimately could transform the cotton business."

Conference Realignment:  There's a ton on conference realignment, especially considering the Big Ten has started their meetings.  First, Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney said yesterday that the vote on whether to expand won't happen in June and that the league is still in an information gathering stage.  ESPN's Big 10 blogger Adam Rittenberg wrote about the invitation process:

"Schools would have to apply, and then they would have to receive eight votes [for admission]. But I would presume that nobody would apply without knowing they were welcome to apply. We’re not interested in embarrassing ourselves, or embarrassing anyone else. So the process of due diligence is a long one, but the process of formal conversations about it is a shorter one. The head’s up [other conference commissioners] would get would be before a public announcement, but probably not months before a public announcement."

Last week, Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe said that in Big 12 meetings next week he was essentially going to ask each school where they stood:

"We need to come to terms with that.  We’re going to head into our meetings in Kansas City and I think we need to have a very frank conversation about where we’re going and who’s going to be on the plane when we take off."  Mr. Beebe said. "I will be very direct and talk about that with our membership and want to find out.  It would be a shame, given that all boats have risen with this tide that’s been created in the Big 12, for anybody to think they’re going to have a better future somewhere else."

Those meetings should be interesting. 

There's a ton of good, strong, healthy stuff after the jump. 

Miscellaneous:  I found more than a handful of interesting links this morning:  Corn Nation's Jon Johnston thinks the Big 12/Pac-10 alliance is nothing more than lipstick on a pig . . . LAJ's Adam Zuvanich says that you shouldn't believe the expansion hype, more specifically, that Texas (and keep in mind that Zuvanich is a Longhorn alum) isn't going anywhere:

As for the Longhorns, they’re not going anywhere. Their long-standing rivalries with Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas Tech are too ingrained into their athletic fabric, and they have too big of a fan base down south to consider bolting to a mostly northern conference.

. . . Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter has a terrific look at Missouri's recruiting in Texas and if a move to the Big 10 would affect their recruiting efforts . . . Barking Carnival's TaylorTRoom writes about the red herrings regarding Texas and a Big 12 network (I would add and continue to add that if I were Texas, I'd be doing the same thing, which is looking out for your own university and waiting for the right deal to be presented.  There's nothing wrong, in my opinion, what Texas is doing.  I have no idea if Texas -and other schools- not agreeing to revenue sharing will be the death of the conference, but there's a fine line between getting the best deal possible and holding out for the perfect situation and I don't think the Longhorns will wait too long to make a decision) . . . EDSBS's Spencer Hall with ideas for the Texas Network (it's a giggle, but a good giggle):

COLT 'N JORDAN: Were you actually to broadcast this show about the two roommates splitting an apartment located in Columbus so they could continue to be roommates despite playing in Cincy and Cleveland--a scenario we just made up--it would garner high ratings until people tired of watching them play catch with a Nerf football in their apartment, an activity we estimate makes up 85% of their leisure schedule. The other 15% would be fruitless, sad fishing in the Olentangy.

. . . Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton on the story of a recruit sending out a questionnaire to prospective schools, while Hinton thinks of some additional questions . . .

Whitlock in Top 100:  National Football Post's Wes Bunting is ranking the top 100 players in next year's NFL draft and DT Colby Whitlock made the list at #54:

He isn’t the biggest of defensive tackles but displays a good first step, uses his hands well to fight his way through contact and has a motor that never stops. A guy who knows how to cause havoc inside.

Britton Workout and Highlights:  I found this on YouTube last night, which was essentially WR Edward Britton working out in the hopes that he can catch on with an NFL team.  In the video, Britton runs a 4.34  40-yard dash.  The guy is incredibly fast, I just wish he was able to utilize those talents at Texas Tech better.  I'm hoping that Britton catches on somewhere that and is able to follow his dreams:


Academic All-Americans:  Per the official site, nine Red Raiders have earned Academic All-American status:

Juniors Justin Cooper and Bobby Doran along with senior Bonham Hough and sophomore Scott LeJune were named to the first team while senior Taylor Ashby, freshman Scott Erzinger, junior Nick Popescu, and sophomore Kevin Whitehead earned second team accolades.