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Five Questions :: Conference Talk


I forgot last week, but we open up the week with a good strong Five Questions post.

1.  Texas Tech wins the Big 12 South, who gets the credit, Tuberville or Leach (this question was emailed to me by a good, strong DTN reader)?

2.  Best guess, what happens to the Big 12 and what happens to Texas Tech?

3.  Best case scenario, what do you want to happen to Texas Tech, dream and fairly realistic scenario?

4.  I'm doing write-ups on all of the coaches, what new coach, other than the two coordinators, intrigues you the most (list found here, down and on the right)?

5.  On Friday, Odessa RB Bradley Marquez committed to Texas Tech.  Hendrickson RB Kenny Williams also committed to Texas Tech in March.  Leach had almost always recruited just one running back in each recruiting class, but in the 2011 class, Tuberville has recruited two running backs.  Personally, I'm of the opinion if a player can play, then sign him up and figure out a position later.  What about you?  Do you think there's anything to recruiting two running backs this year or do you also think, the more talent the better (no get some offensive linemen)?