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Five Questions :: Concerned About the Quarterbacks


A couple of links this morning that really didn't warrant a DTN DD and/or RRG:  Perhaps my favorite non-sports read of the year, how a book publisher failed to get J.D. Salinger's final book "Hapworth 16, 1924" into print (Salinger may be my favorite writer of all time, so that's why I find this fascinating) . . . Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton continues his series, Mandate for Change and a comparison of old Auburn statistics sounds awfully familiar . . . the AP's Betsey Blaney on Tubs adjusting to West Texas . . . and after the jump, a sportstacular NewsChannel 11Pete Christy has a two-part interview with Tuberville . . .

Now, onto the Five Questions:

1.  It occurred to me that I haven't mentioned the entire Saga of Mike Leach in quite some time (I asked about this in Blackbeard's FanShot on Sowell fighting Leach's request for disclosure).  I know that this is a result of time, but I just wanted to get a gauge on how everyone feels about this situation three months later.  Have you relented and given some money?  Are you holding steadfast until the administration resigns?  Just curious.

2.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least worried and 10 being the most worried, how do you feel about both senior quarterbacks being injured during the spring and what are your expectations for Seth Doege and Jacob Karam for the spring game?

3.  Regarding the commitment of TE Jace Amaro, who appears to be, at least from his measurables, a hybrid of sorts.  He's big enough to be a tight end, especially on the collegiate level, but has enough speed to run past quite a few linebackers.  How do you feel about adding a tight end to the offense (does it make the offense better?) and does it make a difference if it's a tight end that has some pretty special athletic ability or would you be concerned if the tight end was a more traditional run-blocking tight end?

4.  Lay it on the line, who leads the team in interceptions this year?  Possible candidates:  LaRon Moore, Franklin Mitchem, Cody Davis, Jarvis Phillips, and Will Ford.

5. One more prediction.  In 2009, the offensive line gave up 2.38 sacks per game (87th in the nation), while in 2008, the offensive line gave up 1.00 sacks per game (5th in the nation). What's your prediction for sacks per game for the offensive line in 2010?

Aside:  Last but not least, I have a request/suggestion for everyone.  Last week, I decided that it would be best if we didn't call any players names, and technically that applies to one Mr. Adam James, and on some level, this also could also apply to the administration.  I'm really torn on all of this because the admin in general is not my favorite group of people, but I also don't want to have lots of exceptions to the few rules that I have on DTN.  I will make one request and ask that you follow it.  Well see how it goes.  I would ask that rather than call any of them by their real first names, use the tremendous Dr. Perry Cox as an example, and feel free to use any names listed here, here or here (you get the idea).  The more creative, the more it will make me giggle, and I think will make you giggle too in an otherwise miserable situation.  And yes, I still think it's a miserable situation, but I can only dwell on bad things for so long before I become depressed.  If I don't move on emotionally, I would no longer be married.  As an aside, I believe in karma and I have no doubt that karma will be an absolute biatch for some of these folks.

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Or this.


The sportstacular Pete Christy with some Tuberville interviews: