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Red Raider Gridiron :: All We Need Is A Tailgate


All We Need Is a Tailgate:  From last week's inquiry as to the number of DTN'ers who would show up for a get-together, I've counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 folks.  I'm bringing my brother-in-law and two friends.  If there's anyone out there that has a designated spot that we can all meet, then shoot me an email (doubletnation AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment as to where you'll be located.  If no one volunteers, then I'm going to figure something out, which may or may not include me posting something once I arrive at the stadium on Saturday morning.

As far as after the spring game, you'll be able to go down on the field and get autographs from players and coaches.  After that, there is a baseball game at 5:00 p.m. against Oklahoma.  We can also head on over to a drinking establishment, Crickets has the most room and a fine selection of beerah.  I'm up for anything, although I'm sure I'll be jonesing to get to a computer to write down all of my thoughts.

We Have A Winner:  Luke Miller won the DTN Bracket Challenge and I also need you to shoot me an email so I can send you a t-shirt (doubletnation AT gmail DOT com).  Congrats!

Recruiting Update:  LAJ's Don Williams sat down with OL Tony Morales and TE Jace Amaro.  Morales had this to say about the coaches and Texas Tech:

"I liked the coaches there,’’ he said. "When I was there, I just felt at home. I liked the family atmosphere. I liked all the school. I think I’ll be a real good fit at Tech.’’

More important to me was this bit from Morales' head coach, Arlington Sam Houston's Danny Edelman, regarding Morales' recognition of how to play the game:

"Pretty much at the level he’s at right now, he understands all the offensive-line calls, the defensive fronts and how coach Moore and their group actually goes into a game,’’ Edelman said. "He already knows the verbiage and the language right now.’’

Amaro is apparently sold on Texas Tech and head coach Tommy Tuberville:

"I will not take any more visits at all," Amaro said. "I’m pretty much set unless (Tuberville) gets fired, but I don’t think that’s going to happen."

San Antonio MacArthur Van Fuschak had this to say about Amaro:

Amaro said he is 6-5 and 240 and was timed at 4.53 seconds for the 40-yard dash at a recent recruiting combine. He also led San Antonio area high school athletes in the shot put last year with a best of 58 feet, 41/2 inches.

"He’s a phenomenal athlete,’’ San Antonio MacArthur coach Van Fuschak said. "Somebody that size, they’re just hard to come by, that plays that position.’’

I still can't believe that a guy with Amaro's size and speed isn't an absolutely terror on the field (excluding the injury situation).  I'd like to see some video at some point of MacArthur's offense.  One other note, Williams noted that Amaro runs the offense about 40% of the time in a 3-point stance and about 60% of the time standing up as a flex-end, which is what he thinks he's going to run at Texas Tech.  Obviously, we don't have an athlete like Amaro right now, so it's tough to say how he'll fit in, but it's interesting to think that he could line up all over the field.

More links after the jump.

Bird's in the Middle:  DT's Jose Rodriguez (new writer at the DT?) profiles LB Bront Bird's switch with LB Brian Duncan to a middle linebacker spot.  Bird says that he hasn't played middle linebacker for quite some time:

"I hadn’t played that position since middle school," Bird said. "It’s been a little bit different. You’ve just got to read flow and everything like that. I think it’ll be good. I’m starting to pick it up, getting better every day, so that’s all I can ask from myself right now is to just improve every day."

And Tuberville had this to say about Bird and the switch:

"We’re expecting to keep him (there) right now, he’s doing well inside," he said. "His height really helps him inside, and he’s got a lot to learn in there. It’s a mental game too, for the inside linebacker like Bront, but he’s a senior, he can handle it."

Set Your DVR's:  I ran across this bit just searching for "texas tech", but Marc Morehouse of the Gazette Online says that Tommy Tuberville will be on a segment today on ESPN's College Football Live (emphasis mine):

Wednesday, April 7: A coast to coast look at several teams with compelling storylines from ESPN analysts and reporters, including Florida (Desmond Howard), Notre Dame (Mark Schlabach), Ohio State (Herbstreit), Boise State (Ivan Maisel), TCU (Craig James), USC (Jenn Brown) and Washington (Brock Huard). In addition, the show will include a segment with new Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville wearing a microphone during a team practice.

I won't be watching the TCU segment and I'll say it again, if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all.  I think this starts at 2:30 p.m. (I'm completely guessing here, please don't take my word).

Carter Gives Advice:  ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio ran a nice article about Brandon Carter and the fact that he didn't give up a sack against either Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh or Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy.  Here's Carter:

"I think Suh was one of the greatest college defensive linemen of all time and potentially he could be one of the greatest NFL linemen of all time," Carter said.  "He has the ability that most other human beings are not even close to having.  He can move people at will. He is incredibly strong.  I don't know him personally so I don't know if he understands the game as well as others.  But he makes such great plays, smart plays.   He is just physical.  I think with him, his [best asset] is his strength.   He's able to push linemen into the backfield or shed the block and throw the lineman into the backfield."

Carter had a different assessment of Suh's Oklahoma counterpart.  "McCoy is quicker and faster," Carter said.  "Whenever I watched him on film, I can tell he is such a smart player.  If an offensive lineman makes a mistake, he will take advantage of it.  He's one of those kind of players; he's willing to go around you. . . .  He has great moves and great mechanics.  He is just a great technician."

Then, at the end of the article, Florio decided to take a shot at Carter:

Notwithstanding his success against Suh and McCoy, Carter is regarded as a low-round prospect in the draft.  So maybe Carter will be a teammate of either player -- at least until the day before Labor Day.

The commentors have taken Florio to task, but for those of you who don't know, Florio doesn't necessarily have the best online reputation.