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Red Raider Gridiron :: The Team Is A Family


Out of Town:  I'm heading out of town for the weekend.  Please play nice.

Batch, Moore and Whitlock Recovering:  Hat-tip to jeffinhouston, LAJ's Don Williams reports that RB Baron Batch (sports hernia), CB LaRon Moore (broken leg) and DT Colby Whitlock (broken jaw) are all recovering from injuries.  This probably explains why Batch didn't see much time this spring and I'm okay with that.  The only comment from head coach Tommy Tubervllle had that intrigued me was the fact that Moore may have a chronic problem with his knees, but he doesn't see concerned about it:

"He’s got some issues anyway with his knees — they stay inflamed,’’ Tuberville said. "We weren’t going to do a lot with him (in the off-season) anyway, so … . He’ll be fine.’’

Just something to remember.

Swindall Speaks:  FSSW's Steve Hunt now talks with WR Tramain Swindall and he talks about the receiving corps:

Discuss the current Tech receiving corps.

Swindall: The thing is we’re so deep that any player can have a career game. That’s the good thing about us. We think we’re the best receiving corps in the nation. We’re going to back that up this year, put up big, big numbers and kill every defense we play.

And Swindall says that dealing the the termination of Leach helped bring the team closer together:

Do you think going through the experience of Coach Leach being fired right before the Alamo Bowl makes the team stronger?

Swindall: Yeah, I believe so. I think we have grown together because we’ve been through a lot. We had to play a game, deal with the media and all that and stuck together. The team is a family. It made us really close in the end.

Receiving Numbers:  In an attempt to maybe give everyone a second chance to have a good old fashioned discussion about a topic that is seemingly controversial, I decided to update some of the tables that I worked on last year when addressing how Texas Tech was going to Michael Crabtree

The first table is the percentage of yards and touchdowns from the top receiver from 2002 through 2009.  It's fairly evident that Lewis, in comparison to the prior lead receivers for Texas Tech, were not up to par, except that you could make a comparison that it was similar to Welker's junior year (2002):

Year Receiver Yard % TD %
2009 Detron Lewis 14.50% 15.78%
2008 Michael Crabtree 21.69% 40.42%
2007 Michael Crabtree 32.09% 43.13%
2006 Joel Filani 27.06% 33.33%
2005 Joel Filani 22.46% 23.52%
2004 Jarrett Hicks 25.54% 38.23%
2003 Wes Welker 17.45% 18.36%
2002 Wes Welker 19.36% 12.00%


So much more good clean tables after the jump.

The averages for these numbers is 22.52% of yards and 28.10% of touchdowns.  So yes, in comparison, Lewis' numbers weren't up to some of the lead receivers before him and I don't really think that there's much of an argument there.  Now the question turns to how the top four receivers performed.  Again, last year I took the percentage of yards and percentage of touchdowns for the top four receivers since 2004.  Here is the 2009 squad:

Player Yards % TD %
Detron Lewis 16.79% 15.79%
Alexander Torres 16.03% 15.79%
Tramain Swindall 13.80% 13.16%
Lyle Leong 11.36% 23.68%
Total 57.98% 68.42%


And the top four receivers percentage of yards and percentage of touchdowns since 2004:

Year Yards % TD %
2004 71% 59%
2005 68% 74%
2006 62% 77%
2007 75% 81%
2008 63% 78%
2009 57% 68%
66% 73%


So, in comparison to previous year, the yardage is down quite a bit and a full nine percent below average.  Although it seems as if the 2007 season, where Crabtree absolutely dominated, really throws off the numbers a bit because the numbers that he put up, both in the percentage of yards and touchdowns, was unreal.  If you take out the 2007 year, the averages dip a bit to 64% for yards and 71% for touchdowns.  Nevertheless, the numbers are what they are and as I stated yesterday, the percentage of yards is down, but the touchdowns aren't too far out of whack in comparison to the average. 

Later in the summer, I'll do a better job of looking at all of the factors that I looked at last year.  Perhaps I'll take a look at the top 6 receivers (excluding running backs) which would address Swindall's quote about how this is a very deep group of receivers and that any one of a handful of receivers could have a career day.