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Five Questions :: What Do You Consider Improvement With The Defense?


It's been a while since we've had a five questions post and now that the spring game is over with and we are officially in the badlands known as the "football offseason", it's time to over-analyze everything.

1.  It was discussed in the comments section of the spring game review for the defense that head coach Tommy Tuberville would have to improve the defense in order to earn his keep.  A couple of questions.  What do you define as improvement?  Is it a statistical improvement or is it something that you'll see with your own eyes?  In other words, I'd love for you to define what you consider improvement or a decline.  Second, does it matter at all that Tuberville is essentially working with the same group of players from last year, but he's lost the top three pass-rushers in Brandon Sharpe, Daniel Howard and Rajon Henley (and some other components)?

2.  For those of you who followed the spring game, who was the offensive and defensive most surprising player?  Not the most valuable, but which player did you see that stood out to you and you thought that he had a little something?

3.  I mentioned DB Tre'Vante Porter as the player to watch of the incoming freshmen defensive players who could see some time.  Of the incoming freshmen players (feel free to pick an offensive player, a defensive player or just a player -- see here for a list) who do you think will make an impact?

4. RB Baron Batch said last week that he expects to run for 1,000 yards this year.  Is this a realistic goal and do you think he hits this mark?  Do you think he won't reach this goal because his fellow running backs are also pretty productive?

5.  The baseball team is 3rd in the Big 12 Conference.  Has your interest level picked up since the team has picked up their play and is only one of three teams that have a winning record in Big 12 play?

Bonus Question:  Is there anything that you'd like to see during this football offseason from me?  I intend on previewing all of Texas Tech's opponents during the summer as well as some posts that hopefully make us think about what we can expect this year.  Anything else that you'd like to see (this is me trolling for ideas)?