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Five Questions :: Discussing Position Changes


We wrap up the week the same way we started it.  I'm not working today and will be leaving to head to San Antonio (Castroville) to visit my grandmother Saturday and Sunday.  Because I have a problem, I'll probably check back in tomorrow morning, but I'm not making any promises.

1.  LAJ's Don Williams writes that defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson is experimenting quite a bit with players and there have been a number of position changes, including Will Ford to cornerback, Yahshua Williams to safety, and redshirt freshman Jarvis Phillips is getting lots of opportunities to play cornerback.  Robinson says that he wants even more depth to show up:

"That’s one area we have to improve in, because we run so many different personnel,’’ Robinson said. "Right now, number-wise, we don’t have what we’re looking for. Hopefully, those (incoming freshmen) will be able to help us immediately and we’ll be fine, but right now we have a lot of guys that’s able to play a lot of different positions.’’

Anyone want to help me figure out what Robinson is looking for?  Perhaps more depth at corner as there are probably more true safeties rather than cornerbacks and although we've talked about this before, of the freshmen from the 2010 class (Tre'Vante Porter, Urell Johnson, Brandon Smith, Russell Polk and Phillip Warren), which one do you think makes the biggest impract?

2.  CB LaRon Moore also had this to say about how the cornerbacks are going to play next year:

"We’re more aggressive in stopping the run,’’ Moore said, "and then we’re going to be more aggressive at the corner position — pressing a lot, not being six yards off (receivers). We’re going to try to cause turnovers, get pressure on the quarterback. We’re going to have a lot more blitzes this year.’’

Is this exactly what you've wanted to hear or are you concerned, especially after Robinson's quote from the first question?  Do you think that Texas Tech has the athletes to play press coverage with the cornerbacks?

3.  Yesterday, buried in yesterday's QB injury news, Brian Duncan moved to outside linebacker while Bront Bird moved to inside linebacker.  Is this a good move or a bad move (or is it too early to tell) and can we expect more movement through the rest of the spring with the linebackers?  Any predictions?

4.  Just curious, who do you think leads the team in touchdown receptions next year?

5.  According to the DT's Joeann Bon-Jorno, the Board of Regents voted to approve some improvements to football facilities:

The board approved renovation and improvement of the Football Training Facility and Practice fields. According to a presentation by Gerald Myers, the two existing natural-grass football practice fields will be replaced with two artificial turf fields and a running hill for strength and conditioning purposes.

The board also re-approved the Jones AT&T Stadium North End Zone expansion project, primarily pertaining to concessions and restrooms.

I think this is the written confirmation I've been waiting for regarding the practice fields.  Are you in favor of, disagree with or indifferent about replacing the practice fields with field-turf?  Also, who cannot wait until next year's spring game, when I can only hope that the public will have access to the running hill and then we can all go charging up that hill after having copious amounts of alcohol?