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Five Questions :: Biggest Questions


Today's edition is relatively light as yesterday was a day off for the team, but they should practice today.  Just one link that I thought was interesting, per Rush the Court, Kwame Jones, a former college basketball player and a guy you've probably never heard of, became a U.S. citizen recently.  Jones was the guy that guarded the failed shoe-bomber, Richard Reid, after other passengers subdued him. 

1.  Aside from the quarterbacks being injured, what's your biggest question mark about the offense as we head into the final few spring practices?

2.  Same question, what concerns you most about the defense?

3. Much is being written, especially after Saturday's scrimmage, that the corners are pressing (and were beat deep on a number of occasions) and there's lots of people that are happy about that as many felt that former DC Ruffin McNeill was too conservative.  Tuberville has mentioned on a couple of occasions that some incoming freshmen defensive backs should play immediately.  There's a thought that the reason McNeill didn't press is because he didn't have the athletes at cornerback to press, but it appears that Tuberville is going to press whether he has the athletes or not.  What's your feeling on this and are you prepared to give up a long touchdown or two because of the play of the corners whereas this occurred relatively infrequently the last two years?

4. Who leads the team in sacks this year?  This is an incredibly tough question considering the overhaul on the defensive line.  The list of possible candidates is lengthy so I'll just let you make a way too early prediction.

5.  What's going to be your beverage of choice on Saturday prior to and after the spring game (and if you're not attending the spring game, then just drink along with us).