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Red Raider Gridiron :: New Tight End to Arrive in June


Spring Game Buzz:  LAJ's Don Williams writes about the buzz that head coach Tommy Tuberville and Texas Tech hope to create on Saturday for the spring game.  Tuberville talks about that he hopes to reward fans:

"They get a chance to talk to the players afterward,’’ he said. "We’ll have an autograph session and hopefully get a lot of kids involved in terms of coming and getting interested in Red Raider football. I think it’s kind of a reward to show the players, ‘Hey, we appreciate what you’ve gone through and how you’ve handled it and what you’ve done.’ I think that’s what’s so big about this spring practice.’’

Tuberville was also asked about Lauren James and had this to say:

"Nah, Adam’s handled it real well,’’ Tuberville said. "Fans have handled it great here. I’ve heard nothing but positive. There could’ve been a lot more negative said about what’s gone on, but it goes on.

And last but not least, and I have a feeling that this quote may cause a record-setting-comments for RRG, as Tuberville informed Texas Tech fans, alumni and supporters how to feel about the entire Leach fiasco:

"This is not about any one person. It’s not about a coach. It’s not about me or anybody else. It’s about Texas Tech. If you’ll make it about the school and make it about the program, then you’re headed the right direction. I think if anybody points fingers at players or coaches or administrators, it’s wrong. Because that’s life. You’ve got to overcome obstacles and go on.’’

On some level, Tuberville is right, it is about Texas Tech.  My allegiance has never wavered from Texas Tech, I love my university, but I do not need Tuberville to tell me not to point fingers when at this point, it seems very clear that certain administrators and their egos are the sole reason Mike Leach is no longer the head coach. 

Bottom line, I don't need anyone to tell me how to feel about the situation.

Defensive Linemen Anxious:  DT's Tommy Magelssen writes that the defensive line is excited for the spring game and DT Pearlie Graves says he's found his groove:

"It’s very exciting, I mean anytime you get to touch the football or hit this field or even get to run or tackle someone — I mean that’s a great opportunity," he said. "I try to go out there and do the best I can and go hard at what I do."

Defensive line coach Sam McElroy had this to say about some of the linemen:

"Whitlock is a veteran and he is playing solid and is giving us really good snaps. ... Myles Wade got banged up a little bit today, but he’s done a great job in there at the three technique," McElroy said. "Donald Langley, Pearlie Graves — Britton Barbee has been around a while and knows what to do so we’re getting solid reps out of all those guys."

Notes, Notes and More Notes:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that there's some work to do in terms of man coverage:

"We’re going to make some completions against anybody playing that kind of coverage if you throw enough of them,’’ Tuberville said. "But we were giving them a steady diet Saturday and today. Course, in a game, (the receivers) don’t know when it’s coming. You’ll disguise (coverage) better. We made it a little bit easier for the offense. But (the corners) will get better at it, because you have to be able to do it in big games. You’ve got to be able to put pressure on other quarterbacks, especially in this league.’’

. . . Williams also quotes Tuberville who has this to say after reviewing the film from Saturday's scrimmage:

"We didn’t tackle very well, but the one thing: We didn’t have near as many loafs,’’ Tuberville said. "Our guys played hard on defense. We’re starting to get guys beat up a little bit and don’t have the depth, and we went a long time. We did a lot of blitzing in the scrimmage, and the offense did a good job communicating, getting to the right play and getting the ball down field.’’

. . . OL Beau Carpenter, a 2010 commit that made it to school a semester early and doesn't turn 18 until June (wow!) is apparently making a positive impression with the coaching staff an was utilized as a blocking tight end in goal line situations.  Carpenter is happy to just get some reps:

"Things are going real good so far,’’ Carpenter said. "I’m just out here trying to compete, being underage and everything. But I’m getting a lot of reps, so I’m excited.’’

New Tight End:  I found this buried in the middle of a recruiting article by The State's Robert Kornblut who reports on a new tight end, Bo Whitney, that is expected to come to Texas Tech in June.  Whitney was the quarterback for Hargrave Military Academy and Kornblut had this on how Whitney is headed to Texas Tech:

Former Laurens and Union quarterback Bo Whitney (6-4, 230) is heading to Texas Tech in June to play tight end. Whitney attended Hargrave (Va.) Prep last fall and played tight end. He was going to walk on at Clemson until former Hargrave coach Robert Prunty offered him a full scholarship to return and play quarterback. Then Prunty went to Texas Tech, and new Red Raiders coach Tommy Tuberville contacted Whitney about joining his program as a tight end. Whitney said he will pay his own way his first semester with a chance to get a scholarship in January.

"I just can't turn this opportunity down," Whitney said.

Here's his various profiles and as you'll note, he's not a highly rated prospect:  Rivals, Scout and ESPN.  I found some video of Whitney after the jump.  Depending on which 40 time you believe, he runs somewhere between a 4.9 and a 4.7, which isn't bad.  His film doesn't lead me to believe that he runs a 4.9, but he's not much faster than that.  He does have decent size and if he was athletic enough to play quarterback, then perhaps he's athletic enough to make the transition to tight end.  Perhaps the silver lining is that other than Carpenter getting some looks at tight end (which I think is just a case of getting him some reps as I have no doubt that he'll be an offensive lineman), Tuberville does appear to be focusing on the more athletic type of tight ends in Whitney and high schooler Jace Amaro rather than the 6-5/265 blocking type of tight end. 

Video after the jump.