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Recruiting on the High Plains :: QB Michael Brewer

How about that? Texas Tech gets their 2011 quarterback in March of 2010. Not bad.

As an aside, please note that I've added the DTN profile link to each and every player on the sidebar widget as well as YouTube links, if available.  If anyone ever finds any free video of a player, then please email me or let me know.  Also, I've put a link to the 2010 and 2009 classes at the bottom of the widget on the sidebar.

The Measurables:

Michael Brewer
Position: QB
YouTube: Clip 1 : Clip 2
Rivals Profile 5.8
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 78
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 175 lbs
Forty: 4.70
High School: Lake Travis (Austin, TX)

Links and video after the jump.

The Player Speaks:  The Statesman HS blog, The Varsity, talked with Brewer, who naturally, had good things to say about Texas Tech and head coach Tommy Tuberville:

"Coach (Tommy) Tuberville is a first-class guy, and so is the rest of the (Tech) staff," Brewer said. "Over this process I built a good relationship with them, and I’m really excited about the changes they’re making and how everything is going to work.

And Max Hall of the Statesman also had this from Brewer, who is relieved that the process is over with:

"I felt like the program is on the up and up, and for them to be on the up and up from where they’ve already gotten means a lot to me," Brewer said. "It’s a huge relief, a nice burden to have off my shoulders, and I’m ready to concentrate on spring ball."

The Statesman's Randy Riggs writes that the Texas Longhorns did offer Brewer a grayshirt this year, but Brewer decided to pass:

Texas already has three young quarterbacks on its roster, including starter Garrett Gilbert, Brewer's predecessor at Lake Travis. The Horns also have a commitment for 2011 from quarterback David Ash of Belton.

"It was a great opportunity," Brewer said of Texas' offer. "It's a great program, and I have a lot of friends who play there, and the coaches are all great guys.

"But Tech just felt like a better fit for me. It's nothing against Texas. I grew up watching them, and I'm still going to be a fan except when they play us."

There seems to be a bit of a discussion as to whether or not the Longhorns really wanted Brewer and I think the Longhorns probably wanted their cake and eat it too in that they Brewer did meet with UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis and BON's Ghost of Big Roy thought that he was pretty close to eventual  QB commit David Ash out of Belton, but apparently the coaching staff like Ash a bit better.  The Longhorns are also a bit quarterback heavy in that they signed Connor Wood and Case McCoy in the 2010 class along with Garrett Gilbert.  To sum it up, I think Texas wanted Brewer, but Brewer was too good to accept a greyshirt and I don't think Brewer should have accepted a greyshirt. Brewer has the talent and ability to play just about anywhere and I'm sure that Longhorns wanted him (he is a UT legacy), but just not bad enough to take him over Ash.

I don't know if the term "stole" needs to be used when talking about any commit.  I think, given the scenario above, that Brewer took the best offer on the table in Texas Tech.  It's a long ways away from next February (signing day) and aside from the prospect of Texas Tech having a top-notch quarterback in play, that's really something to sell to other high school players.  Talent breeds more talent and Brewer looks to be pretty good.

Scouting Report:  We have highlight videos below and from what I can tell, he's got good mobility and a decent arm.  I'm always a little suspicious about highlight videos because every player looks unbelievable, so I try to look at the little things on a player, and in Brewer's case, he does look comfortable throwing on the run and although he's more on the side of Sheffield in terms of size, he's not afraid to tuck the ball and run.  Brewer's throwing motion is a little funny, but it's not awful.  Brewer was the offense for Lake Travis and his statistics for 2009 are off the chart:

Passing:  256 completions and 367 attempts (69.7%) : 4,450 yards : 43 touchdowns : 7 interceptions
Rushing: 114 rushing attempts : 615 yards : 5.39 average : 23 touchdowns



The 2011 Class: 

Position Commitment
QB Michael Brewer (6-1/175)
RB -
WR Javares McRoy (5-9/165)
OL -
DL -
LB Devon Hocutt (6-0/260)
DB -


Michael, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!