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Red Raider Gridiron :: Texas Tech vs. Alabama in 2012 . . . Not Likely?


Texas Tech and Alabama . . . Not Likely?  What?  How could this be?  Texas Tech AD Gerald Myers said yesterday that's is pretty much a done deal, no agreement has been signed, but it's been agreed upon.  Media outlets out of Alabama are singing a different tune this morning.  Tuscaloosa News' Tommy Deas writes that Alabama and Texas Tech have not agreed to a deal, while's Don Kausler, Jr. goes so far to write that if Alabama plays at Cowboys Stadium, it won't be Texas Tech:

Alabama is discussing the possibility of a nonconference game at a neutral site in the next few years, they said. Cowboys Stadium is a possible site, and 2012 is a possible year.

But Texas Tech probably would not be the opponent.

I cannot for the life of me understand why Myers would comment on this deal, go so far as to say, "We’ve agreed to do it,’’ and now there's seriously conflicting reports?  This is one of those cases where yesterday I was pleasantly surprised about the news yesterday, but didn't think that if this was really the case, then why wouldn't the two schools make a formal announcement together rather than just one AD making a comment about how everyone has agreed to do it, but now the other school's AD is left scrambling?  Now we know why because apparently, the deal isn't done and Texas Tech isn't even one of the considered opponents.

Not surprisingly, all of this makes complete sense and if there was ever a reason why DTN isn't going to get a press pass, it's because I openly criticize the AD and the administration.  Here's a public relations hint to Myers and the administration.  If the ink isn't dry, then don't make comments such as, "We’ve agreed to do it.’’

[Note by Seth C, 03/31/10 8:26 AM CDT ] One quick point, that I've made in the comments, which is that if the "we" that Myers is referring to is Texas Tech and not Texas Tech and Alabama.  I would agree, I don't know why you go to the media with this prior to the contracts being signed, but wanted to at the very least acknowledge that the "we" in Myers' quote from yesterday may be a reference to Texas Tech.

The Ubbenator and ESPN Make Visit to Texas Tech:  I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'm sure that new ESPN blogger, David Ubben, is probably a nice guy, and he may not have a bias against Texas Tech, but because Ubben spent the day in Lubbock writing about your Red Raiders that he's now on our side.  Again, covering all Big 12 schools equally is a tough job, one I don't envy and I'm happy to see the publicity, however, he's just doing his job.  And for the record, Ubben hasn't changed, he just happens to be writing about your school.  I clicked on one of the links and looked at the comments and someone asked if Ubben had some sort of fetish for Texas Tech.  Every fan from every school thinks that national writer has some sort of vendetta against their school or is biased towards other schools.  I said this last week, that the only time that I'll link to Ubben is if he's doing interviews with coaches and players and I think that's what he's done here.

Some of these articles were linked yesterday when they were published, but I'll link to them anyway.  Ubben wonders if head coach Tommy Tuberville will change the identity at Texas Tech:

"Right before Coach [Ruffin McNeill] left, he kept on saying, change the identity of the defense here," said defensive back LaRon Moore. "And I still text him and he still tells me make people change the way they think about the way we play."

Moore points to his 10 teammates on defense who helped rack up 27 sacks in eight conference games, four more than any team in the Big 12. Moore's math: Take the proven playmakers on defense, add a more disciplined but aggressive scheme and it could equal a change in how the rest of the country sees Texas Tech football.

"[The new coaches] are coming in and they’re changing to exactly what we wanted," Moore said. "I'm excited that we're going to be forcing the action. If we’re going to be a defense that holds people under 15 points a game, then we’re going to be a force to reckon with."

It's very cool that McNeill is keeping in touch with the guys that he built up relationships and still wants to make a difference in their lives.  I think that McNeill is a good man and if there was ever a story about how much his players liked him, this is a pretty good example.

Ubben also writes that once the staff makes a decision on the quarterback, that there will not be any flip-flopping on who starts.  Here's offensive coordinator Neal Brown:

"There’s a lot of people that would like to have one guy," he said. "We’ve got two guys."

Brown’s two guys are quarterbacks Steven Sheffield and Taylor Potts, a pair of seniors competing to run Brown’s offense in the fall -- a job that, if won, won’t be lost easily.

"Once we make that decision, there’s not going to be a whole lot of flip-flopping," Brown said. "We’re going to give that guy some rope where he’s not peeking over his shoulder all the time, we’re going to hand him the reins and he’s going to go out to play."

Brown also talks about QB Taylor Potts' biggest flaw:

"Potts’ deal is he throws off his back foot a lot," Brown said. "When he steps into his throws, he’s got as good of arm strength as you’re going to find."

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Ubben also writes that there is a defensive overhaul happening in Lubbock and CB LaRon Moore says that he wants to dictate the tempo:

"We’re going to dictate to them what they’re going to do," Moore said. "We’re not going to sit back and let them just run whatever they want. We’re going to dictate the tempo. We want them to prepare for us like they prepare for our offense."


Said Moore: "I can’t just know corner. One play I’m at corner, the next play I’m at dime, the next I’m blitzing, the next play I’m back at corner. I’ve just got to know the whole defense and know what we want to accomplish on every single play that we run."

Finally, some video as Ubben talked with WR Lyle Leong (you've got to click through as it's not embeddable).

Social Media Impact:  DMN's Mike Graham writes that Tuberville thinks that social media is changing how coaches recruit and interact with fans:

"It's changed the face of what everybody does," he said. "There's a lot of information out there.  One thing we want to make our players understand is that everybody reads what they put on, because they read what everyone else puts on it. Of course we've got to take control of it, but I think it's great.

"It's the thing of the future for all of us. It really helps us in recruiting and I bet you'll see some changes in terms of recruiting with Facebook."

Speaking of Social Media:  Offensive coordinator Neal Brown tweeted this about who performed well on Saturday:

Sorry for the delay in posting. Sat scrimmage standouts: Olsen, Keown, Waddle, Ward, Franks, Torres, Crawford, Sheffield, and Swindall.

And this was for Monday's practice:

We were not very sharp yesterday. I thought these guys had good days: Torres, Ward, Stephens, Lewis, McDaniel, and Batch.

Let's see, two good practices in a row for WR Eric Ward and WR Tramain Swindall gets another mention.

Don't Worry, Uninformed FSSW Reporter Says That Texas Tech Will Be Fine:  FSSW Steve Hunt continues his assault on being uninformed, including ranking the Big 12 South running backs, where he picks the Texas Tech running backs dead last.  Check out this analysis of guys that probably won't see the field:

Others who could work their way into the rotation at running back include juniors Aaron Crawford and Andre McCorkle. Sophomore Josh Talbott is another player to watch in the backfield along with Tim Graves, a 5-8, 170-pound true freshman out of Houston.

This makes me think that he just pulled up the roster and decided to write generic things about each of the running backs.

He also writes he believes that Texas Tech will be fine with Tuberville at the helm.  Meh.  You've read most of this here at DTN.

Multimedia:  ttured of Totally Texas Tech has a bunch of pictures from Saturday's scrimmage and Travis Cram for the Texas Tech Official Sports Report with some commentary from the coaches about Saturday's practice:

Fox34 also reports on how every position is up for grabs: