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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 03.03.10

Talkin' Championships . . . Sorta:  LAJ's Don Williams talked with head coach Tommy Tuberville at yesterday's Lubbock RRC event.  Here's the headline-grabbing quote where Tuberville talked about winning championship:

Tuberville told the luncheon crowd at the Memorial Civic Center that he didn’t come to Lubbock to win six or seven games a season.

"We know how to win championships," he said. "You can just imagine here the excitement when we do win … because we’re going to win a championship. We’re going to win maybe two, maybe three, maybe four. It just depends on what the good Lord wants us to have."

And to head the comments off at the pass, I'm sure that Leach never had intentions early in his career to win championships.  I'm sure he was content with 7 or 8 win seasons and never once mentioned that the ultimate goal was to win a Big 12 Championship. 

Tuberville also talked about the hotly debated walk to the stadium:

Tuberville wants to rev up the players’ pre-game arrival at the stadium. In recent years, Tech invited fans to greet players as they made the short walk from the Football Training Facility to Jones AT&T Stadium, though the idea didn’t really take off.

Tuberville envisions the players being dropped off a quarter-mile out and passing through the tailgaters or Raider Alley area west of the stadium.

"I’m not here to change a lot of things," he said. "I’m here to make it better. I’m here to help you. I’m here to help Texas Tech, and I’m here to win a championship."

In any event, I'm putting the over-under on comments in today's DTN DD at 65.

More on Second Commit Hocutt:  LAJ's Don Williams had a short write-up on Hocutt and his high school head coach had this to say about Texas Tech's second commit Devon Hocutt:

"He’s very big, very athletic, an extremely strong player,’’ McBryde said.

Hocutt played inside linebacker in a 4-4 defense and fullback in a wing-T offense. Ellison coaches started him on both sides of the ball, though not at the same time.

McBryde said Hocutt played most of last season at linebacker, averaging six solo tackles per game, but moved to fullback for the last three games. In those three games, McBryde said Hocutt rushed for about 70 yards against Belton, about 110 yards against Killeen Shoemaker and 180 yards against College Station A&M Consolidated.

McBryde said Hocutt was brought up to the varsity for the last six or seven games of his freshman year. As a sophomore, he was named defensive newcomer of the year in the district. Those two seasons, he was a teammate of Daniel Cobb, who signed with Tech last February and redshirted in 2009.

Next season, Ellison coaches plan to use Hocutt at fullback.


I also found this article from Duck Territory (an Oregon website) from over a year and a half ago.  He sounds like a good kid.

Miscellaneous Links:  More notes from BON's Peter Bean from the NFL Combine . . . Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton reminds us to beware of the 40 time (I think this applies to high school and college players) . . . EDSBS's Spencer Hall writes that you can't spell scam without Todd McShay . . . non-football related, FreeDarko with a pretty interesting story (no idea if it's true or not) about a chance meeting with Michael Jordan and being his friend (there's cursing and so be forewarned) . . .