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Monday's Five Questions :: First Scrimmage Reaction


This is an attempt to make your Monday go by somewhat faster.  I can't make any promises, but I can suggest that more comments and answers will make the fly by.  I will be driving to and in court most of the day so have fun and I hope your Monday goes by quickly.

1.  After Saturday's scrimmage, much was made about the pace of the offense, and my biggest question is if this eases anyone's concerns about whether or not the offense will get in the same number of plays, but with more running plays (i.e., the offense moves quicker, has more running plays, but produces the same number of plays as <sarc>last year's almost lazy like approach to offense</sarc>)?

2.  DT's Mike Graham focuses on defensive coordinator James Willis:

"I am pleased right now with our effort," Willis said. "We know the things we need to work on, and I think the kids, they’re aware of the things also. So as long as they’re aware of those things and willing to work to get better, I’m happy."

Is this a welcome change, regarding Willis' enthusiasm?  What about the fact that he's making so many position changes with players (which may explain the defense's struggles, i.e. learning an entirely new system and new players learning new positions)?

3.  It was reported that Saturday's junior day was one of the biggest junior days at Texas Tech (FYI - a junior day is when a school hosts high school juniors and coaches typically get a chance to meet and see each other face-to-face) resulting in at least two commitments.  Does this ease some of your concerns, if you had any, regarding Tuberville's willingness to recruit or are you still skeptical?

4.  Now that Mickey Okafor has asked to move back to tackle, are you at all concerned about the lack of depth at guard?  By my count, the only true guards on the team are Lonnie Edwards, Chris Olson Blake Emert and Deveric Gallington.  Anyone else that you think might be switched?

5.  Just curious about what you think I'm getting right and wrong at DTN?  The folks that are reading and responding to this are probably the core readers of DTN and I'd love to know what you like and what you don't like.

Bonus coverage:  If you didn't see some of the videos from practice (see Sunday's Red Raider Gridiron post and TTUMAR's FanPost), then the DT has a video from Saturday's scrimmage after the jump.