1st Spring Scrimage: The Sticks Sheffield Show

Sorry it took so long to get this up, I have been trying for almost a day, but Facebook wasn't letting me upload for whatever reason. Well DTN, I'm back after observing both the last practice on Friday, as well as today's 1st scrimmage. You will find below my latest footage of the scrimmage, and I will drop some pics of Friday's practice later. I was able to see all but the last few minutes of Saturday's scrimmage, but if I missed a late drive of importance, I apologize, other wise this is how it played out:

QB Play

Sheffield: 2 Passing Touchdowns, 1 Rushing Touchdown, No interceptions

Potts: 1 Passing Touchdown, 2 Interceptions

I though Potts had the better week of practice, but today's scrimmage was all about Sheffield. He moved the ball up and down the field, and got into the red zone on every possession but one. In a scheme where the QB runs more, he looks like another sure footed receiver when he is in the open field, and the 40 + yard keeper he ran for a TD was truly special. I can't tell if he benefited from better play calling, but with Sticks at the helm, the offense just clicked. Stay tuned, this race is going to really be something if this level of play keeps up. The back ups Doege and Karam took their shots, but again, the gap between the have and have nots is wide. I don't expect these two to garner much playing time.


Although the stats may say otherwise, I remain impressed with the defense. The backs are playing very physical and hitting hard, and we defended the run very well, especially early in the scrimmage. If the "blue shirts" were allowed to be hit, there would have been many sacks today. The defensive line is really disruptive in the backfield, and I'm impressed with the play of both Langley and Hyder. I am also expecting more in the way of interceptions. These backs are swarming to the ball, and they dropped at least 3 more pics than what was recorded. One last point on defense. I will mention this again when discussing RBs, but the defensive coaching staff is really stressing ball stripping. As soon as any defender wraps up a ball carrier, the entire coaching staff starts yelling "ball, ball". The result, I witnessed at least 5 fumbles today.


They put too many balls on the ground today, but overall, a solid effort. I am amazed at the depth we have at this position. There is almost no drop off between backs, and Batch may have been outplayed today by the likes of Jeffers, Stephens, and Crawford (whom I thought was off the radar).


I don't know if it's "two minute drill" practice or this is going to be the norm, but the entire scrimmage was run at a break neck pace. If the offense really is going to hurry to the line like this throughout an entire game, we are going to be in great physical shape, and also run plenty of plays. The offense worked at it's best in this hurry up format, never giving the defense time to make adjustments.


Again my slide show is not really edited so don't expect much. There was alot more to cover, so again, ask questions and I can elaborate more in comments. I have footage on every drive, but only included 4 or 5, if you have a need to see more let me know. Great crowd for the scrimmage. If that's any indication, I expect one hell of a Spring Game turn out. Wreck'em.


Although I plan on attending alot of practice, and dropping pics and notes here at DTN, this will probably be the last time I post wide shots of entire formations. As the concepts become more in depth, and closer to game time accuracy, I don't think it's a good idea to have content posted on the web for our enemies to review. With what we have, you should be able to grasp our basic defensive scheme and also see that the offense looks remarkably similar to the previous regime's. Hopefully that will be enough. Going forward I will try to stick to tight shots of players and coaches.

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