Well DTN, I had the pleasure of freezing my bits and pieces off watching our Raiders conduct their second day of practice. There was much to note, and I will probably get to most of it in follow up comments to this post. For your viewing pleasure I was able to snap some photos, and dump them into a slide show. Yes it's set to music, but don't expect too much in terms of editing., I just basically dumped the pics in and went with it.

There is frame by frame on Potts and Stick's footwork, so check that out. Also of note is a labeled slide showing first string defense. This is the unit that ran out on the field when the coaches called for first team. I will also note, that of all the running plans they ran, only one did not involve the QB also running either as a decoy, or the actual ball carrier. Sort of a triple option look. Also of note, there seems to be a fifth QB. He is Brant Castilla, #16, and I believe he hails from Navarro J.C.. You can seem him in a few of the shots.

Also, I don't believe we have mentioned much about #56, Jonathan Brydon. He lined up as second team ILB alongside Fehoko, and had a good practice. of the 4 QBs who got snaps, Potts seemed to have the better day, more completions, one INT. Worst of the day was Karam. I think I only saw one completion that wasn't a screen. It's obviously early, but it's also obvious he is behind the rest in accuracy, and the kid is very noticeably shorter than the other QBs. Standing together, he really sticks pun intended. I don't know how much we talked about #82 Kerry Hyder, but he lined up at DE opposite #5 Donald Langley with first team all day.

There is alot to cover, and it's late, so feel free to ask questions, it will help jog the memory. Enjoy the slide show!

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