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Wednesday's Five Questions

Spring football practice has started and what a better time to knee-jerk, over-react and create opinions with just one practice on the books.  Woohoo!  I hope to have a few Five Question segments throughout the week during spring practice so that we can over-react as one big happy family.

1.  The spring roster was released yesterday (did anyone else notice the huge number of walk-ons?) and there were a couple of things to note.  First, former defensive end Ryan Haliburton was moved to tight end.  This makes perfect sense to me as I saw him falling down the depth chart because of the other depth at defensive end.  Other than Haliburton's position switch, anything else jump out at you?

2.  This is a two-part question, so bear with me.  I found a couple of other videos yesterday (LAJ and ESPN Dallas).  First question, anything jump out at you from a football perspective from watching either video?  Second question, who you got in a fist-fight (from the LAJ video) Paul Regan or Chappy Peck?

3.  LAJ's Don Williams story this morning is about Will Ford's move from safety to cornerback.  Aside from the position change, does this quote make you pause for concern, not for this year, but for the previous regime or am I reading too much into this quote:

"I think they’re the real deal,’’ Ford said. "They came in with a bang, making us watch extra film — more than necessary, lots and lots of film. But we’re learning real quick and we appreciate what they’re doing to help the team.’’

4.  Offensive coordinator Neal Brown tweeted the following after yesterday's practice:

The following guys had good days:Franks, Torres, Ward, Mays, Douglas, Lewis, Gallington, Olsen, James, and Stephens. Both QB's threw well.

Call your shot.  Who has the best year of the players that Brown mentions and why?

5.  Should I be worried about Sam Fehoko playing outside linebacker or do you think he'll be fine?