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Game Preview :: Baylor Bears vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

THE GOOD GUYS: Texas Tech Red Raiders (16-11, 4-9)
THE BAD GUYS: Baylor Bears (22-6, 9-5)
LOCATION: United Spirit Arena : Lubbock, TX
DATE: March 2, 2010
TIME: 7:00 p.m. CST
TV: Big 12 Network : ESPN 360
RADIO: Affiliates
GAME CAST: Fox Sports




Texas Tech Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
John Roberson 5-11 165 G Jr. 14.8 2.1 5.3
Nick Okorie 6-1 195 G Sr. 10.2 2.5 1.9
Mike Singletary 6-6 217 F Jr. 14.5 6.7 2.2
D`walyn Roberts 6-7 200 F Jr. 6.6 5.6 0.6
Darko Cohadarevic 6-9 240 F Sr. 7.0 5.4 1.1
Baylor Ht. Wt. Pos. Yr. PPG RPG APG
Tweety Carter 5-11 185 G Jr. 15.7 2.8 6.0
LaceDarius Dunn 6-4 205 G Jr. 19.1 4.8 1.7
Anthony Jones 6-10 195 F So. 6.5 5.2 1.1
Ekpe Udoh 6-10 240 F Jr. 13.5 10.3 2.5
Josh Lomers 7-0 280 C Sr. 6.5 3.6 0.4

The Season Thus Far: This is the same team that the Red Raiders played only 4 games ago, but all they've done is lose a relatively close game in Stillwater and picked up a home win against TAMU and a road win against Oklahoma. The Bears have only lost 5 conference games all year, including a bad loss to Colorado on the road, Kansas on the road, Kansas St. at home, TAMU on the road and the Oklahoma St. loss. Waco Tribune's John Werner mentioned this morning that the Bears aren't playing for the tournament, but rather seeding. I'm so jealous.

The Main Players: If you don't already know by know, the Bears start one of the tallest froncourts in the country with 6-10 Anthony Jones playing a bit role, but the rest of the slack being picked up by Udoh, Loomers. The Bears are long and they can shoot from beyond the arc, led by Dunn and Udoh, who is only averaging 4 blocks a game, but had 7 blocks against Texas Tech earlier this year.

Respect for Okorie: Over the past 3 games, SG Nick Okorie has been playing like he gives a damn, and its incredibly evident that the only reason why this team is even in some games is because Okorie has supplied the points as well as quite a bit of heart. LAJ's Courtney Linehan sat down with Okorie to talk about his season, and after this season has fizzled, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Okorie, who very easily could have just given up the bit. He didn't and I truly appreciate that:

I feel a little urgency, but at the same time I feel like it’s still basketball and I just play my game. I know this might be my last time suiting up or playing at United Spirit Arena, so I make sure I play as hard as I can.

Lately I make more of my opportunities. Sometimes I’ve been passing on offense, passing up shots. Now I’m making sure to take the shots I have, and it’s making our team better.

My Love / Hate: PF Darko Cohadareic is a true puzzle for me. He is passionate and he can look very servicable on offense as well as playing good post defense. With that being said, he still frustrates the hell out of me because he can take bad shots and his passion can get his suspended for a game. LAJ's Courtney Linehan profiles Darko and he's going to have to have a huge game against a very big lineup in Baylor. Darko talked a bit about his passion, something he shares with his head coach:

You could say that. He’s passionate, he wants it done his way; he’s stubborn, and I am too. It was a problem a couple times, because we do have the same personality, but we solved it.

Best Players Have to Play: DT's Mike Graham writes that this team must have their best players play, especially if they want a chance at the NIT Tournament:

"My two best players have got to play," he said. "I gotta get Roberson and Singletary playing. I realize some of the other guys are going to struggle because they’re new to the program. But if my two best guys are struggling, we’re going to lose."