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Mike Leach Post Game Thoughts Are Incredibly Entertaining

I'm thinking that these videos should be attributed to Chip Brown of Orangebloods, but there are some very interest and NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR SAFE FOR INFANTS videos of Captain Mike Leach after the Baylor game, where he expressed his extreme displeasure and after the Kansas game.  Here's some of the stuff from Brown's article:

After a 20-13 victory over Baylor on Nov. 28, 2009, Leach is seen for several minutes using expletives to criticize his players for thinking they're "too good" to play Baylor and for an up-and-down season, including a "close" loss to Texas.

"There's a couple of you guys that your current living situation is going to change," Leach says. "We've got several of you, particularly on offense, all you do is pull mediocrity out of one another. Well, you're going to live somewhere else. Last time I checked, we're paying the (expletive) bills."

After a 42-21 victory over Kansas on Oct. 31, 2009, Leach directs some of his players, whom he calls "God squad guys," about how to pray.

"What does God say? 'If you're lukewarm, I'll spew you out,'" Leach says. "? If you're a defensive player, I don't need one side of the brain on playing defense and one side thinking, 'Oh gee, I wonder, this. I wonder that. I wonder the other thing.' No, no. Screw that.

"Your whole head's got to be on defense. Your whole head has to be on offense. Your whole head for that play has to be on special teams. If you're not doing that, you guys who are throwing the book around all the time, you're defying the book."

I'm still trying to digest all of this, but I'm probably thinking that this is nothing more than a coach being a coach and not being satisfied.  I'll just start out by saying that I'm not easily offended so the language or the reference to the God squad doesn't bother me.

[Note by Seth C, 03/11/10 8:49 PM CST ]  As I'm collecting my thoughts about these videos, they've been located on YouTube:

  1. I am laughing.  There's so much gold to mine from these videos.  There will be .gifs and meme for years based on these videos.  I'm thinking that this is Leach's gift to the internet.  We all owe you a debt of gratitude.
  2. I'm laughing out loud because Leach is exactly like I imagined him. 
  3. Both of these extremely motivational speeches were after wins, which means that he wasn't satisfied with anything other than excellence.  I always imagined he was like that too.  The disdain he has for losing and not being at all satisfied with playing it close is how you're supposed to feel. 
  4. Was it just me or was there a slight uproar after Leach referred to the "God squad"?  Again, I'm not an insider and I don't talk to players, but I could certainly see how certain players would not be appreciative of those comments and that sort of thing can cause a divide.  Singling out players because of their religious beliefs is a touchy subject and Leach's thought, that it doesn't necessarily belong on the football field, has some validity.  Whether prayer belongs on the football field is almost irrelevant for the sake of discussion as I get the feeling that there were probably a handful of players that were very much turned off by Leach's comments and language regarding this topic.  That's not to say that footbaw coaches don't cuss like a pirate, but it's not a job requirement either and I have to wonder how vocal the players were about this.
  5. Is it too much of a stretch to think that this was a culmination of 10 years and an act wearing thin for a number of players?  There's not doubt that there were more than a handful of coaches, former players and others that came to the defense of Leach and how he treated his players, but sometimes an act gets old and with everything that's happened, it just seems too coincidental.  Leach has given half-time speeches that inspired:

  6. So where do you stand?  How do you feel about these videos?  Offended?  Giddy?