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Thursday Five Questions

In light of all of the news stories and chat transcripts that came out yesterday, I thought we'd highlight those articles by resurrecting the Thursday Five Questions.

  1. Head coach Tommy Tuberville held an online chat yesterday with ESPN Dallas and there were a couple of interesting quotes, including on his non-conference scheduling (which we've talked about before): 
    As we speak, we're trying to schedule at least one BCS conference team in our OOC games. That would probably be a neutral site or a home and home. We'd like to do a multi year contract with some team across the country.

    Do you like the idea of trying to schedule at least one BCS conference team in the non-conference schedule, or do you like the cupcakes?

  2. Tuberville continues to mention that he wants to keep things simple, somewhat similar to our former captain: 
    I like simplicity. I think the more the players repeat plays in practice, they execute better in games. I like short gameplans. They're explosive and get the job done. 
    I'd love to see a show of hands of those who believe that Tuberville and OC Brown will keep the offense generally the same and keep things simple.

  3. ESPN's Mark Schlabach wrote yesterday that the quarterback competition between QB's Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield is starting a bit slow as Sheffield is still recovering from the broken ankle he suffered in the Nebraska win: 
    "He's getting better and should be running around in a couple of weeks," Tuberville said. "We want to make sure we get a good look at him."
    Does it concern you that it's taken Sheffield 4 months to get over that broken ankle?

  4. Tuberville also talked with ESPN's Schlabach regarding settling in at Texas Tech and he said that he treated IR Adam James the same as everyone else: 
    "I think Adam went through a tougher time than anyone," Tuberville said. "I met with him for about 20 minutes right after I got the job. I met with all the players. I didn't do him any differently than anyone else."
    Being somewhat serious for a minute, is anyone else really concerned about how James is going to be treated once football starts and what do you think the initial reaction is going to be once James steps on the field?  

  5. DMN's Kyle Whitfield talked with incoming QB Scotty Young and this is somewhat connected with question #2 but OC Brown's discussion with Young prior to signing day appears to have convinced Young that the offense won't change very much:
    "It was mainly coach Brown who reassured me that the offense is going to make minor changes but nothing too crazy," Young said.
    Doesn't it make sense that unless Brown and Tuberville wanted to start gaining attention as men who don't keep their word that the offense will still be similar to last year's offense (more on this later next week) or are we having the wool pulled over our eyes?