Gameday Video: Break glass only before kickoff.

After converting our basement into an HD Theatre, it quickly became the neighborhood hot spot for "Rowdy Gameday" celebrations, especially for televised away games. In preparation for the next season, and as a coping mechanism for our recent debacle, I began creating a gameday video. The goal being to marinate my liver for a few solid hours with Coors Light, then pop this baby in just before kickoff, you know, to get my head right. I recently completed said video, and want to share it with my DTN brethren.

Disclaimer: I am not even slightly gifted with a computer, have never used this software before, and the editing reflects these facts. If after watching you feel the urge to: a). weep with pride, b) scissor kick the guy in the cubicle next to you or c) look into Tech's walk-on policy, do not fear.....that's normal. However, if your emotions get the best of you and you feel the sudden urge to scream at women and children, or kick baby strollers......discontinue use. Turn up the volume, and enjoy.

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