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Post Game Thoughts | New Mexico Lobos 61, Texas Tech Red Raiders 60

Box Score | Post Game Quotes

THE RESULT | SHOULDA, WOULDA COULDA | I'm pretty sure I've written that before, or at least I feel like I've written it before. There were opportunities, and it was close, but it wasn't good enough. I really wanted this thing to work out and I hoped for the best for Pat Knight, but I honestly try to gives coaches an opportunity and judge them on their body of work. It's probably one of the reasons why I'm hesitant to declare a position, one way or another, with the football program, but I'm there with the basektball program.

And even though things seem to be crumbling, I think I still like the way that PK is handling the situation and he's not afraid to discipline his players. If you look at the boxscore, you'll note that PG John Roberson doesn't appear and he was suspended for the game by the team for not being a good teammate. Per LAJ's Courtney Linehan, it was a team decision, and head coach Pat Knight spoke to Roberson's suspension after the game:

"If you’re going to be a bad teammate, you’re going to pay the consequences," Knight said. "Nobody, no player or coach, is above the team."

Knight said the duration of Roberson’s suspension will depend on Roberson’s attitude and his teammates’ decision about when — and if — they want him to rejoin the lineup.

"Most of our problems this year are we have seniors not playing like seniors," Knight said. "They played like seniors tonight, the ones who played, and that was the difference that we almost had a chance to beat a really good team.

"I’ve got to make these guys better people and better players. I have no problem taking a risk in a game if it gets a point across to a player."

It's probably a meaningless consolation prize to think that PK is trying to do the right thing, but is still not winning enough games, but I do appreciate the fact that his standards aren't going to change win or lose. Just think, PK has suspended and not started various players this year for violation of team rules, while another program on I-35 in Waco has a basketball player who allegedly hit their girlfriends and is back playing and football players that are in possession of marijuana and passed out in their car and are suspended for the first quarter of a game. I'd imagine that the offenses that these Texas Tech players have done far worse.

And if you want to look for reasons for the loss, they're easy to find and it's not earth-shattering. Texas Tech made only 7 of 16 free throws for 43% and was out-rebounded by 10 boards (22 to 32), including 10 New Mexico offensive rebounds.

Head Coach Pat Knight

"The main thing is you have to get it in the basket. We didn't want to jack up a shot. Who ever got the ball was supposed to put their head down and drive to the basket and if necessary, we try to get a tip. You'd like to set something up but that takes too much time and then you might not get a tip. The last possession worked out perfectly and he (Singletary) did a great job doing exactly what we wanted to do. It just didn't go in."

MVP | PF Paul Cooper I was a little shocked that he got the start, but Cooper played really well and he looked okay doing it. He can't hit a free throw to save his life, but he's an awfully good technical player and plays excellent help defense and is constantly aware of his man and the ball. Cooper finished with 12 Pts; 5-5 FG; 2-5 FT; 3 Reb; 1 Ast; 1 Blk; 0 TO.

Analysis after the jump.



Without Roberson, David Tairu became the de-facto point guard and played 38 minutes and I think he was spent by the end of the game, but I still really like how hard Tairu plays (13 Pts; 5-12 FG; 0-2 FT; 1 Reb; 2 Ast; 0 TO). He's not the best player, but he constantly is giving all of his effort. With Roberson out, SF Brad Reese essentially started at shooting guard and he was okay, but he was awfully quiet (11 Pts; 5-9 FG; 3 Reb; 2 Ast; 4 TO) and I really don't like the lineup where Reese is playing the shooting guard because I don't think that Reese is capable of really taking an opposing defender off the dribble and force action as a two guard. PG Jaravez Willis looks like he's shell-shocked and is just a guy out on the floor. SG Jamel Outler isn't doing much better, but they both received minimal minutes. SG Wally Dunn also played minimal minutes.


Roberson hasn't been creating shots for his teammates and so not the teammates are left to create shots for themselves and it's incredibly frustrating to watch SF Mike Singletary take the ball on the wing, try to drive towards the low-post block only to have the defender step in front of him and them he has to kick it back out. I think that scenario with Singletary happened 1,000 times last night (a total exaggeration), but Singletary did lead the team in scoring and he didn't try to do too much offensively (18 Pts; 6-12 FG; 5-9 FT; 3 Reb; 4 Ast; 5 TO) although Singletary continues to turn the ball over and I do not understand why he's still handling the ball and he couldn't hit a free throw either. I've already mentioned Cooper and I thought he played well, especially defensively. He's technically sound. Now he just needs to make an impact on the boards. Cooper apparently got the start because PF Robert Lewandowski tweaked an ankle, but he didn't look like he was hobbling around, but he was in foul trouble all night. PF D`walyn Roberts was quiet while he was on the floor from a scoring aspect, but he was the teams leading rebounder (4 Pts; 2-5 FG; 6 Reb; 1 Ast; 3 Blk; 0 TO). SF Jaye Crockett played 6 minutes and made little impact other than grabbing a rebound, blocking a shot and turning the ball over.


PK is going to go down with his senior players and part of me wishes that he would play his freshmen players and empower them a bit, I've seen them play and they're capable of playing, but right now, PK is going to go down playing his seniors and on some level, I get what he's doing. I disagree with it, but he's putting his career at Texas Tech on the players that are supposed to be winning games. I get it.



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