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Red Raider Gridiron | Tuberville to Stay at Texas Tech


Tuberville Passed Over By Miami, Canes Hire Golden:  I wrote this subject line intentionally biased, because if there's anything we should learn about the Annual College Football Coaching Carousel (this is official name) it's that reports, tweets, headlines and coach-speak can be incredibly deceiving. 

I mentioned earlier last week that I was in denial when rumors about Leach going to Miami a handful of years ago, thinking that he wouldn't leave Texas Tech.  It turns out I was wrong.  So what I've learned over the past few years is that when coaches speak, they may not be completely sincere, but if a coach is negotiating or being offered a job, it's not a done deal until the ink has dried.  And a coach cannot give statements to indicate that he's interviewing at another school because if things fall apart in negotiating the deal, then so does his recruiting class.  It's a tough line to walk.  The same goes for head coach Tommy Tuberville.  Last weekend he said that he had not talked with Miami, then it was twitted that he had "conversations" with Miami.  Tuberville then said that those "conversations" was Tuberville giving advice to those making the coaching decisions.  The Miami Hurricanes eventually hired Al Golden, Temple's head coach

My advice, when the Annual College Football Coaching Carousel heats up in December, just sit back and enjoy the ride.  If a team has a good to decent head coach and/or recruiters it means that at least you have a head coach or coordinator that's wanted by other programs.  Not to mention, it can be humorous as reporters furiously try to one-up or tweet news and/or rumors before any other reporter.

Post-Practice Press Conference:  From the post-practice press conference, as usual, this is my non-transcript and are not actual quotes.  And to clarify, the italics are questions from the reporters, and yes, Duncan was being sarcastic on the last question.

Tommy Tuberville:  Good three days of practice.  Good weekend of recruiting.  Good to see recruits see your players practice, had about ten recruits in.  Players will start taking tests and will start back up on Wednesday.  Been huge advantage for QB's, WR's, and DB's.  DT Colby Whitlock has not practiced from injury in spring.  IR Austin Zouzalik has an ankle injury and is not practicing.  In practice, a Lot of contact and very physical.  Bring them in a day early.  Pretty good relief to get away from studying.  Lucky the weather has been good.  Re. the happenings at UT: Don't look at any other program's changeover, just look at your own.  Very proud of Will Muschamp, Florida's a good job.  It's different being a coordinator before a head coach.  Three guys in the SEC and one in the Big 12 for coaches.  Will has worked hard at it, started at Georgia, moved to Voldasta, and perseverance pays off.  Re. what he has asked for Christmas:  Haven't asked anything for Christmas.  Will go skiing with his kids and family.

QB Taylor Potts:  Try to be mentor as much as posible.  Trying to stay fresh on reads and drops, trying to stay in it.  Rumors about Tuberville, he doesn't talk about it.  It doesn't affect seniors.  Didn't address the rumors with the team.  Re. when asked if Tuberville has addressed rumors with the team, Potts shakes his head no.  Coming out here as long as we can, throwing on own personal time.

LB Brian Duncan:  Pracitce is going good.  Intensity in practices.  Enjoy being around each other.  Haven't heard any rumors, trying to keep that way from the team.  Using practice to teach to young players.  Going back to the basics.  Leave a legacy here.  Doesn't know what he wants for Christmas.  Think he wants a nice mink coat, and will take a hat with it too.

LAJ's Don Williams' football notebook summarizes this press conference, but my summary does not have quotes, but is awesomely betterer.

New Commit:  Yes, there was a commitment over the weekend.  I should have a recruiting profile up shortly.  LAJ's Don Williams also talked with the new commit, JUCO WR Marcus Kennard.