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Open Coaching Rumor Bull***t Thread version 2010.02

Post your rumors, thoughts and wise remarks here. We've got four or five threads going that are essentially about the same topic. No, I'm not trying to stiffle those who want to say positive or negative things (inside joke from a month ago). Seriously, it's really hard to keep up with the threads and who is thinking what. I'm interested in what everyone has to say and I have missed some good comments trying to bounce between all the threads on Miami, Tuberville Will He or Won't He.

[Note by Seth C, 12/11/10 6:06 AM CST ]  Just wanted to give a quick update of what I've found this morning rather than create a new post.  Also, if you're thinking about creating a FanPost or a FanShot, just think if it might be better to just link to something here in this post.

KLBK has the video of head coach Tommy Tuberville's comments yesterday.  You can watch it for yourself rather than read too much into the quotes.

LAJ's Don Williams has an article and this is the most definitive thing that Tuberville has said:

When asked by the A-J to give a yes-or-no answer to whether he is a candidate for the opening, Tuberville said, “No. Obviously, they talked to me. But again, as I explained, I spent the first part of my career down there. I want to make sure that if I could help them any way, in terms of giving them some thoughts about what I thought about it … ”

And hat-tip to Austin,Tx, where according to the Miami Herald, Tuberville is not a candidate for the Miami position.  The candidates are UConn's Randy Edsall, Temple's Al Golden and Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman (of the Canadian Football League, naturally).

[Note by Seth C, 12/11/10 6:31 AM CST ]  Last update, which is the full video of Tuberville's press conference from the Texas Tech website.