Questions about Mizzou? Ask Rock M Nation

Hey guys,

This is RPT from Rock M Nation, and I wanted to drop by to see what kind of questions you might have about the Missouri Tigers and any specifics about what you might expect this weekend in Lubbock.

Things are a little bit crazy at our site right now, as focus hasn't quite shifted 100 percent to the Tech game yet thanks to the combination of our No. 15 basketball team preparing to tipoff and the fact that losses to Nebraska tend to linger a bit in our community. However, later in the week, my colleague Bill Connelly will have his Beyond The Box Score analysis of Texas Tech, and I highly recommend you guys check it out and give us feedback based on your own observations. You may remember Bill from the Q&A he did with Seth prior to the season on behalf of his work with Football Outsiders.

Feel free to drop any questions or comments y'all might have in this thread and I'll do my best to get back to you. I'll always been tremendously impressed by the DTN community, so I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

[Note by Seth C, 11/02/10 11:51 AM CDT ] I've posted my FanPost over at RMN. You guys and gals help me out with any questions from the Missouri faithful.

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