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Animated Drive Chart | Texas Tech Red Raiders 7, Oklahoma Sooners 45


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.


Working on post-game thoughts but am a bit behind.  Someone hacked into my law firm's computer and spent a good chunk of yesterday with the computer guy.  Good times. 

I thought the game was won and lost on the lines.  The offensive line had an awful day and the defensive line, except for Colby Whitclok, looked really bad and couldn't get a lick of pressure on Landry Jones.  LB's Bront Bird looked incredibly slow yesterday as did Brian Duncan, who played inside quite a bit yesterday and yesterday was the reason why Duncan was moved to the outside.  He was great against the run when the opposing team wanted to rush between the tackles, but outside the tackles . . . Duncan is awfully slow. And every defensive back looked woefully slow and was beat deep at some point.  Every one of them.

The offensive line was dominated, but one of the themes from this week's PGT is that the fact that the lines were dominated feels like I'm writing about 2008 all over again.  Score difference in 2008, 44 points.  Score difference in 2010, 38 points.  Per Tech92, SSDD.

It's tough to win in Norman.  Real tough.