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Open Letter to Coach Tuberville


This is your team now. 

We're judging you by your actions, not your words.  We're judging you based on what you do, not on what the former coach did or did not do.

We want you to do well. We understand that this is a tough place to win.  We know it better than you do.

If you tell me that the task of taking a 9 win team to a 10-win team or more is one of the toughest challenges in coaching, I'll respect that.

If you tell me that winning a championship will require dismantling a winning tradition, then tell me, and let me make my own judgement.

If you don't perform, take responsibility.  It's football.  It happens. Tell the world that this is your team, your guys.

Respect our culture. Some of us have been here since the whole damn thing got started. Our traditions are older than yours and better than yours.   When you're gone in five years, we and our traditions will still be here. 

Don't fool yourself into thinking the Administration and the GOB's that hired you will support you when you're down. They'll protect you for now for their own sake.  It won't last long. 

Win with our talent, not Miami's.  We have. Figure out if you can do the same.

Don't tell me winning is not enough and then lose to Iowa State.  You can talk about what winning means at Texas Tech when you've earned that right.  Right now, you haven't. 

We already know how to win.

We know what it means to beat Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.  You don't.

When you say I'm here to win championships.  Tell me what that means.  Don't tell me that and then try to tell me  what the definition of is is.  We understand the destination.  Explain the path.

We're not Texas. We're not Auburn. We don't wear white.  We're the Red Raiders.  We're a little uglier.  We're a little less refined.  We outplay and out-hustle better teams.  We beat them too. That's who we are.  That's how we always have been.  That's our tradition.   

Build on that. Don't break it. Show us how it can be better.

You say you're the championship expert.  Fine, I'll take you at your word. Show me how to get there. 

I'm listening.

Just don't tell me I don't know what I already know.

For better or worse, we're in this together now. 

We can do this the hard way or the easy way.

Welcome to West Texas.

Wreck 'em!