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Red Raider Gridiron | Talking Backup Quarterbacks

DTN Makes the Phonebook:  Wooot!  DTN makes the phone book, yet again.  Thanks for Tech92 for posting the link for the television stations showing the Oklahoma St. game.  Gaining steam.

Dreaming About Future Quarterbacks:  LAJ's Don Williams writes about how QB Taylor Potts' long run in the Baylor game could reveal how this offense could change with a running quarterback (after this year).  Here's OC Neal Brown:

"The point that needs to be made on that, if you’re blocking the zone read well — if you’re blocking it well on the perimeter at your wide receiver position — you don’t have to have a great runner," Neal Brown said. "We blocked it really well, and he ran 40 yards before anybody touched him."

And here's Williams on the other signal caller's on the team:

Beyond Potts and Steven Sheffield, who both finish their eligibility this season, Brown said sophomore Seth Doege is a good enough athlete despite his history of knee problems to mix in a little zone read, and he said redshirt freshman Jacob Karam did quite a bit of running in high school.

Brown said freshman Scotty Young "is more in Potts’ mold."

In the future, the Red Raiders’ biggest threat to run the zone read might be a player not even on campus yet. Austin Lake Travis quarterback Michael Brewer, who is orally committed to sign with Tech, ran for 23 touchdowns and almost 600 yards last season.

I would agree to some extent with these assessments.  I do think that Doege is fairly mobile, despite having surgery on both knees.  During the spring game, I never once thought that he was fragile or even thought that he had been injured in high school.  Doege's problem, which is the same problem that every quarterback has, is making quick reads and when the quarterback doesn't make those quick reads, it leads to sacks.  Karam is mobile for sure, there's no question about that.  I think that Young is more mobile than Potts, but is similar to Potts in that he would prefer to use his arm rather than his legs.  Young is actually a pretty good athlete all things considered, but I think he could be an effective runner.  And Brewer is the most diverse of the above three as he's done it with his arm and legs while at Lake Travis.  Because I love all you you so much, here's some YouTube highlights of Scotty Young, Jacob Karam (only has short clips here, here, here and here) and Michael Brewer

Prolific Offenses:  DT's Mike Graham writes that both Texas Tech and Oklahoma St. should have two prolific offenses match-up on Saturday.  Head coach Tommy Tuberville understands that if the defense is going to give up yards, they must force turnovers:

"Defensively, 500 yards of offense and the points we gave up and we caused no turnovers," Tuberville said. "We can't continue to do that; we have to make turnovers.

We have to cause fumbles and get interceptions. We're just not making plays that we need to, to get out of jams in certain situations."

To Wear Pink or Not to Wear Pink . . . What Not to Wear:  My wife watches that show, if you're curious as to how I know the title to a make-over show.  Anyway, this morning, the LAJ states that fans are encouraged to wear pink on Saturday, but don't forget that Ryan Hyatt wrote earlier this week that this isn't a Texas Tech initiative, and would prefer fans to wear red, or any other color that they choose.  Also, make sure and check out the Williams and Hyatt Show podcast where he talks with National Football Post's Wes Bunting talk about Oklahoma St.

Is This News:  The LAJ also has a story about how Big Brother 12 contestant Lane Elenburg will be in Lubbock this weekend to watch the game with some other housemates from Big Brother 12.  I have no idea if this is news, but if it's in the newspaper . . .

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