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Red Raider Gridiron | Wounded Warrior Project Uniforms and Hyder Filling in for Smith

Depth Chart and Smith Suspension:  The official depth chart for the Oklahoma St. game was released yesterday and as RS FR Kerry Hyder is now listed as the starter at Scott Smith's defensive end position with Donald Langley starting at defensive tackle and backing up Hyder at defensive end. As you guys and gals have already figured out, Smith has been suspended for the remainder of the season, per LAJ's Adam Zuvanich:

"He made a mistake, but he’ll pay for it and he’ll be out the rest of the season," Tuberville said. "He’ll be able to practice and go through practices and continue to learn."

Tuberville did not say what Smith, a transfer from Butler (Kan.) Community College, did to warrant the suspension.

"He understands the situation, and he’s accepted it," Tuberville said. "We talked with his family, and we’re going to go on with it."

Wounded Warrior Project:  In conjunction with Under Armor and the Wounded Warrior Project, Texas Tech will be wearing a new jersey with camouflage in certain parts of an all-black uniform (and black helmet).  On the back of the jerseys, instead of the player's names, will be the word "Freedom".  You can find a photo gallery at the official site and here's how you can help:

The custom game day jerseys will be auctioned off on each of the Universities' websites the following Monday of each game with a 100% of the proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Project. Under Armour school-specific fan gear will be on sale at university bookstores and with a portion of the proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Project as well.

I'm hoping that no one will find anything to complain about with this gesture, which is to raise money for our troops that have been injured while in combat.

Post-Practice Presser:  Here's the video and here's my non-transcript (wish that DC James Willis had made an appearance):

OC Neal Brown:  Run game was really good.  The offensive line was really good and the running backs did a great job of finishing runs.  Taylor Potts is being patient and when he throws the ball to his backs, that's good, going through his progressions and there are things that he needs to work on, taking that sack before the half cost the team 3 points, and he could have had a better second half.  Baylor is good on offense, defense played good in the 4th quarter.  Guys are aware that OSU is the top-ranked offense in the country.  Hopefully to score more than them.  Looking for diversity with Olson at tight end.  His weight isn't high, he's got good hands and could catch the ball.  Wanted to balance out Baylor.  OSU is very athletic, bend-but-don't-break style.  In big moments, they forced turnovers.  Their secondary is young, but very athletic. 

QB Taylor Potts:  Real excited post-game.  Had great energy during the game, we know what it takes, including starting fast.  Converted a lot of 3rd downs and need to continue to do this.  Pretty confident in his game, nice when the team is rolling together.  Only worried about their defense, Holgorsen will probably give their defense some pointers.  OSU QB Brandon Weeden is a great guy, met him on the bus going to the Manning Camp.  Very smart, talked about the offenses and how similar they are.  Having Alexander Torres back, he can only make the offense better.  Keeps everyone focused when you spread the ball around.

DT Colby Whitlock:  (complains about the sun, no apparent dip in his mouth)  Great honor to be player of the week.  Tre Porter had a monster game, especially for a true freshman.  Stopping OSU is just about playing football, executing correctly the assignments.  This defense has seen the offense quite a bit.  Always hard with a balanced attack.  If Texas Tech lines up and does the things they are supposed to do, everything should be fine.

Tuberville Q&A:  LAJ's Don Williams transcribed quite a bit from yesterday's press conference with Tuberville:

Q: Can you discuss Oklahoma State’s rushing game?

Tuberville: It’s what gives you nightmares. That’s what we’re working toward. You get a passing game like we’ve got, and you get a passing game like Oklahoma State’s got and if you can get the running game going, it’s a double whammy. It gives nightmares to your linebackers: Are (they) in pass coverage? Do (they) stop the run? It’s tough. You have to be balanced, and hopefully people are starting to look at us like that. We’re throwing it for 400, 450, and we’re running it for 100, 125, 150 yards, and it’s tough to stop. They’ve got a running back (Kendall Hunter) that’s very good. They run a three-back scheme. They look like a totally different offense at times when they want to run the football, and they’re very good in the offensive line in terms of being able to shift from the passing game and no backs to one back to two or three backs in the backfield and being able to run the ball. They may be the most balanced team that we’ll see all year offensively.

Lots of good things there, including Tuberville addressing the fake-punts (we can all ask Urban Meyer about those trick plays), Torres' return to the offense, Chris Olson's job at tight end (he was apparently in the game on the 4th down and 2 with RB Eric Stephens at quarterback in the Wildcat formation.  Go read the whole thing.

A Rising NFL Prospect:'s Tony Pauline writes that a certain Texas Tech quarterback is rising up NFL draft board:

Taylor Potts/QB/Texas Tech:  Past Red Raider quarterbacks have been labeled 'system players', and justifiably so, but Potts is ready to break the stereotype. His statistics are gaudy thanks to the wide open offense at Texas Tech, and yet he's proven to be a legitimate next-level prospect. He has the arm strength to throw the deep pass and gets the ball through the tight spots. Potts also offers solid intangibles, quarterback intelligence and uses of all his weapons. Once rated as a free-agent prospect, scouts feel Potts could move into the later rounds next April.

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