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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 01.06.10

A Couple of Thoughts: I'm sure there's going to be a ton of talk over the next few days, but I'd really appreciate it if you guys and gals not post internet rumors.  If you're going to make a post, please have a link from a credible source, and by credible source I mean not a message board or not a comment made by someone on some other website.  I've tried to make DTN a place where we try to deal with facts rather than internet rumors.  That's not to say that you can't cuss and discuss what's going on or what you think might happen.  That's what this site is all about.

I'd also add that FanPosts are supposed to be more opinionated pieces by you guys and gals while FanShots are supposed  to be quick-hit links, photos and YouTube videos, etc.. 

Carry on.

Coaching Candidates:  There's a ton of news out there this morning, but some of it appears conflicting.  There are a number of news outlets that have said that Texas Tech has asked Baylor for permission to speak with Art Briles (Waco Tribune's John WernerLAJ's Don Williams, and FWST's Dwain Price).  But then there's this very short article conflicting all of those articles from the Chron's Joseph Duarte that Briles had not even been contacted and that he was in Waco. 


It seem logical to think that those three writers who believe that Texas Tech has contacted Baylor to talk with Briles, especially considering the fact that one of those linked to is the local Waco paper, but Duarte's article is fairly clear and certain as to what's happened.  I'd also add that all four articles all state, "according to a source", so there hasn't been any real confirmation from Baylor or Texas Tech.  I thought Hyatt's most recent post was pretty spot-on in that if Texas Tech is going to go to the trouble of talking with Briles, that there's a pretty good chance that Briles will be offered the job (i.e. there's no reason to be involved in all of this and then have to turn tail and go back to Waco) and that the Tuberville interview may have been a courtesy than anything else.

As far as the Tuberville interview is concerned, I cannot imagine that the Tuberville interview wasn't a serious interview that warrants serious consideration.  It seems as if Texas Tech's list is incredibly short (Ruffin McNeill, Tommy Tuberville, Tommy Bowden, Art Briles and possibly Kevin Sumlin) and it wouldn't make sense to just give a coach who was on top of the SEC just a few years ago a courtesy interview.

In any event, from Williams article, here's AD Gerald Myers on the Tuberille interview:

"His visit was a little different,’’ Myers said. "We showed him the facilities, which, of course, Ruffin is familiar with all that. We just told (Tuberville) that we weren’t ready to make a decision just yet, and so we’d let him know.’’


"He did say that he would keep this offense intact, that he’d want to continue the offense,’’ Myers said. "He said there would be some things he would do differently on defense, things that he had success with at Auburn on that side of the ball.’’

FWST's Dwain Price did talk with Ruffin McNeill about the waiting this week:

"That's a part of the business that you know when you decided to go into this business,'' McNeill said, referring to the possibility of maybe having to pack up and move on. "It's always hard.

"You know there's always that possibility that it could be (the end of the road at Tech), so it's been a tough week. Almost as tough as last week.

"But in the same breath, I have a lot of confidence in the administration and the people making the decision that they'll do what's in the best interest of Texas Tech. And if that's me, then I will be honored to be their coach.''

Courting Recruits:  LAJ's Adam Zuvanich writes that other schools are actively trying to pry the current Texas Tech commitments and OL prospect Beau Carpenter, who's already signed a letter of intent and is expected to start classes later this month, had this to say:

"I had OSU and OU calling me, saying it’s not too late (to switch) because you haven’t started classes and everything," Carpenter said Tuesday. "They said we can still work it out and everything."


"That’s one of the reasons I committed to the school, because they run the spread so well," he said. "I would have loved to see Leach stay and everything, but I didn’t commit to him. I committed to the school."

It also appears that the McRoy brothers are also still committed to Texas Tech, but as it apparently is with QB Scotty Young, it depends on who is named as the head coach.

Power Poll:  Not much out there this morning, and because of the football situation, I've ignored the basketball team far too long, especially with conference play heating up on Saturday, in Stillwater, against the Oklahoma St. Cowboys (I intend to remedy this tomorrow).  Columbia Tribune's Steve Walentik compiles his weekly Big 12 Power Poll and Texas Tech is 5th:

Some of the shine has come off the Red Raiders after their 9-0 start. Less concerning than road losses to Wichita State and New Mexico was a one-point home win against McNeese State on New Year's Day. But Pat Knight's team remains the biggest early surprise in the Big 12. Mike Singletary and John Roberson should keep them in contention for an NCAA bid.