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Double-T Nation Post Season Awards :: Offensive Rookie of the Year

This is the first annual "Double-T Nation's Post Season Awards". The categories which the DTN community will be voting are as follows: Offensive Rookie of the Year; Defensive Rookie of the Year; Most Improved Offensive Player; Most Improved Defensive Player; Special Teams Player of the Year; Offensive Player of the Year; Defensive Player of the Year; and Most Valuable Player.

The qualification for rookie of the year, both offensive and defensive, is that the player must either be a true freshman, redshirt freshman or the player's first year from junior college.

It seems to me that the offense was somewhat stagnated in previous years in that there were always offensive players stepping up, but they were usually of the veteran variety. This year, things were a bit different. This year, there were young players that made a significant impact on this team. LT Terry McDaniel was starting at left tackle prior to his knee injury and I think he had the potential to hold that position for the remaining three years of his eligibility.

WR Alexander Torres is leading the team in receiving with 67 receptions, 806 yards and 6 touchdowns. Fellow IR Austin Zouzalik is 5th on the team in receiving, catching 35 receptions, 469 yards and 2 touchdowns and had 21 punt returns for 201 yards.

When RB Eric Stephens first signed with Texas Tech, I thought that he would have a difficult time finding his way onto the field, especially with players like Baron Batch and Harrison Jeffers in front of Stephens. Stephens' biggest contribution hasn't necessarily come in the running game, although he does have 49 carries for 254 yards and 2 touchdowns, or in the passing game, where he has 14 receptions for 113 yards and 1 touchdown, but returning kickoffs, where Stephens has returned 32 kickoffs for 823 yards, setting a school record.