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Quick Primer For the New Guys

Okay, the board is blowing up with new members left and right. In many ways, this is awesome! But for the new guys who may not be familiar with how Double T Nation operates, please take note. Seth C., who manages this site, has worked very hard to keep the commentary above board (as best he can) and not devolve into something akin to or forums.

So, just a few house rules that I'm sure Seth will be happy to elaborate on if needed...

1. No name calling. Ever. That leads to a quick warning then ban. Whether you're calling a contributor a name or calling a coach or player a name, it's not tolerated. I have first hand experience with this one. Trust me, Seth acts quickly. So does Kayakyakr ; )

2. Be cool to the other fans here. You don't have to agree with what they say. In fact, the lack of one-sided group think is what helps make DTN the elite Texas Tech fan board on the web. But when you disagree, be respectful, don't be a jerk. You can call out the argument, but don't call out the author.

3. Do your best to add a link to your commentary if you're using sourced info. That keeps us from having to scramble over to a different website to verify. There are posting instructions on the site on how to do this.

4. Cussing. There's no rule against it, but just know that you don't see much of it in day to day posts. You'll see a TON on open game day threads. Just sayin...

5. Have fun with this. It's a great, great site. You'll find you agree with everything some authors say and disagree with everything someone else say's. That's what keeps this site interesting - and forces you to have a good basis for your thought.

6. We are all on the same team. We all love and support Texas Tech athletics. Period.