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Thursday's Five Questions

Sorry for the lack of a DTN DD today.  Been busy with a couple of personal items.  No matter, the tradition continues, marking it's third week in a row, Thursday's Five Questions.

  1. Last night it was reported that there is a memorandum from Texas Tech University which essentially stated that Craig James threatened to sue Texas Tech if the University did not investigate Leach's actions in regards to his son, Adam James.  Craig James' public relation firm flatly denies any sort of threatened lawsuit.  Obviously, one of two parties is not telling the truth, either the University or Craig James.  At this point, who do you believe?  Acceptable answers include no one.
  2. Also last night, the men's basketball team played one of the top ranked teams in the country, Texas, to eventually wear out the last few minutes of the game.  Texas Tech was out-manned, with PF Darko Cohadarevic out due to a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team and PF D`Walyn Roberts out due to injury.  Any thoughts on if those two would have impacted the team last night or did the Red Raiders?
  3. Thanks to CRV's FanPost for possibly piecing together the puzzle of who the new defensive line coach may be, who is the current head coach of Hargrave Military Academy, Robert Prunty.  As pointed out in the FanPost, Hargrave is known to be a place that produces quite a bit of talented college football players.  What do you think about this type of hire?  Follow up question, does anyone have any reservations in that this seems vaguely similar to basketball coaches hiring AAU coaches to lure recruits?
  4. Since we're all recruiting experts, some quick predictions.  Who will be the best offensive and defensive player from this current class and who do you project as being offensive and defensive sleepers of this year's class (see the sidebar for a list or Monday's post)?
  5. One more prediction about last year's class (please note that this was the signing class from last year and there were some players who didn't qualify or already left campus), but who do you think will make an impact this year, offense and defense?