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Recruiting on the High Plains :: A Meme for the Day

Test:  Just testing out the meme.  Not permanent, just taking it for a test spin.

Parade All-American:  If there was ever a selling point for a receiver, perhaps a receiver out of Florida, it might not be a bad idea that the same quarterback that you'd probably end up playing alongside was just named a Parade All-American.  Commit Scotty Young was named one of seven quarterbacks named to this honor and DMN's Adam Boedecker talked with Young's high school coach, Joey Florence:

"More than anything else it’s humility," Florence said. "Scotty’s been well-grounded. That helps you at that position [quarterback] because there’s so much pressure that goes with that. He’s very humble and that’s a key attribute at that position."

Congrats Scotty!

College 3-4 Defenses:  I was pointed to a criticism on regarding my assumption the other morning as to the potential size of the 3-4 defensive ends, especially in the college game.  I thought that Tuberville would want defensive ends closer to 270 than 240, which was the approximate size of Daniel Howard and Brandon Sharpe.  To address my critics, I often get up at 4:30 a.m. to put these notes together and sometimes I run out of time.  Second, I was somewhat at a loss for teams than run a 3-4 defense the other morning, but I had been considering it since then and the two that came to mind are Alabama and Virginia.  I couldn't find either of these teams official depth charts, but each of these teams Rivals sites had depth charts and the sizes of the starting defensive ends for both of these teams are as follows:  6-5/290; 6-4/287; 6-2/290; and 6-7/270.  I'm sure there are other examples out there, but I don't think it's a stretch to say that the defensive ends will be much bigger.  I also didn't think that assumption needed to be proven, but whatever.

Just a Note:  This came up in my Google News search this morning and apparently Florida DT Michael Dozier (Rivals, Scout, and ESPN) will be visiting this week.

Boone to Decide on Signing Day:  ESPN's Gerry Hamilton writes that WR Kadron Boone will make his decision on National Signing Day, February 3rd.  Here's what Boone had to say about his visit to West Virginia and his upcoming visit to LSU (who by the way, just received a commitment from James Wright, the #42 ranked receiver and LSU passed for a whopping 181 yards a game last year):

"[ The West Virginia visit] went pretty good," said Boone. "It was better than I thought, man. I had a pretty good time talking with players and coaches. Right now, I am still committed to Texas Tech. I never decommitted. I just plan on taking this last visit to LSU this weekend and come home and talk about things with my family. After that, whatever happens, happens,"

Pound it real hard for more on recent Arkansas commit LB Joe Carmical, everyone's favorite writer Dennis Dodd ranks the coaching hires, and Texas recruiting lists.

Carmical's Commitment:  Pine Bluff Commercial's Troy Schulte talks with recent Texas Tech commit Joe Carmical on his commitment to Texas Tech, who says that head coach Tommy Tuberville and defensive coordinator James Willis just wanted to see the film on Carmical:

"I know (Tuberville) got a hold of my film and that’s all coaches really care about," Carmical said. "They aren’t too interested in measurables, they want to see the film."

And Carmical is excited to play for Willis:

"He’s the type of coach I want to play for," Carmical said. "He’s been in my situation. He played in high school, college and the pros. I was already in a good mindset before I even went out there."


He said Willis told him his defenses are built around the middle linebacker, who is trusted to make checks and audibles before a play. He also said Willis told him he doesn’t "recruit players to redshirt." Carmical will arrive on campus next fall and his plan is to see if he fits anywhere in the rotation at linebacker.

Recruiting Lists:  LAJ's Don Williams and the FWST have come out with their recruiting lists.  Peruse at your leisure.

Everyone Agrees, Cumbie is Great:'s Joe Yeager writes that Tuberville's promotion to inside receivers coach is a great promotion:

But Cumbie will be valuable for more than just his X's and O's. At 28 years of age, he will be another young coach who should be able to connect with recruits. He is also an extremely personable, articulate man with a considerable amount of presence. The fact that he is at heart a West Texas boy will only add to what Cumbie can accomplish on the recruiting trail. The appointment of Cumbie to Tech's staff should dramatically strengthen Tech's recruiting efforts in Texas and ensure that while many future Red Raiders will hail from SEC country, the local boys will not be forgotten.

Ranking Coaching Hires, Part III-ish:  I think this is the third or fourth ranking of the recent coaching hires, but it's fodder nonetheless.'s Dennis Dodds writes that the Red Raiders had the 2nd best hire in the nation:

2. Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech: After Leach, Texas Tech was never going to find another coach who was going to a) stay 10 years and b) win 84 games. Tubs was hungry to get back, running out of BCS conference opportunities after sitting out a year. This is the perfect match, then, for a wounded program. Tech is grateful to have a laid-back non-lawyer in the fold while Tubs is grateful for the chance. The Red Raiders will run more than they did under Leach and definitely play better defense. Translation: It's back to being about chasing BCS bowls more than "electrical sheds" in Lubbock.