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Mike Leach Got the Boot and So Did I

Full disclosure: As part of this deal, sent me a pair of these boots in exchange for my honest review. But, just because I get something free from a company, doesn't mean I'll shill the product without the same review I give anything I put up here. But, it's only fair that you know the context.

About three months ago I received an email in my inbox inquiring if I'd like a free pair of boots.  Of course, I emailed back and first asked if this was spam and secondly asked what the catch was.  I was promptly emailed back by Megan that there really wasn't any sort of catch, but rather that Nocona Boots would send me a pair of these beauties, I'd wear them around for a couple of weeks and if I liked them I'd write about the experience. 

Well, today is the day.

I should first say that I'm not exactly a boots sort of guy.  Somehow, I've made it most of my life with only owning a pair of old Red Wings that I wear when helping out my old man with his cattle, but never owned a nice pair of boots.

Also, I've never worn boots to work.  I've always been sort of a Oxford dress shoe sort of guy, although I know of a number of attorneys out there that do wear boots to to court and things of that nature.

I received the boots right around Christmas and wore them as much as humanly possible when I wasn't working around Christmas and New Years.  I told myself that I would be nothing short but honest, and the truth is that from my experience, this is a well-made boot.  Having never worn a nice boot, I must say that I was very much impressed by how comfortable they were, but the best part was that they had the double-t stamped proudly on the front of the boot. 

You'll note that I received the boots in and around the time of the Alamo Bowl game, and the prevailing thought occurred to me that despite all of the things that I'm truly not pleased with when it comes to the university, I'll always be a Texas Tech Red Raider.

Writing on DTN hasn't had too many perks, but if at the end of the day all I get out of this is a pair of boots that I can pass along to my kids, then I'll be a pretty happy guy.