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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 01.25.10

Agenda:  I've got a few posts going up this morning, including a fairly substantial recruiting post with thoughts on the two newest commitments as well as information on some of the de-commitments.  There's only two weeks between now and then, and then the real offseason arrives.

Karam Says All the Right Things:  I don't think that freshman QB Jacob Karam took a public speaking class his freshman year at Texas Tech, but he could probably teach one.  I posted this yesterday, but wanted to post it again as Karam spoke with Galveston County News' Joshua Buckley regarding the changes going on regarding the coaching changes and looking forward to competing next year:

"Hopefully, I (will) get the chance to compete against those guys," Karam said. "Anywhere you go, if it’s a good program, there is going to be competition. I work very hard and I’ve learned a lot my first year here at Tech. If it comes down to competition for the job, I’m excited about that.

"I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am really focused on winning the starting job or the No. 2 spot this spring."

As for Leach, Karam said he hopes he isn’t permanently blackballed from the sport and gets another head coaching job in the near future.

"I think Coach Leach is, if not the smartest, one of the smartest people I’ve ever come across," Karam said. "I’m not just talking about football smart, either. He is a great coach and has strong beliefs. I think he is a great man and I’m forever thankful to him for giving me this great opportunity to be a Red Raider."

Swindall Q&A:  NewsOK's Brandon Chatmon spoke with WR Tramain Swindall to talk about what newly named OSU offensive coordinator is like to play for, and Swindall talks about repetition and changing plays

BC: Do you rep the plays until its automatic?

TS: Repetition is a big thing. If you get that, you learn quick, and it’s all downhill from there. It’s fun playing in that offense.

BC: How often would you say the play changes at the line?

TS: The quarterback has the freedom to check out of a play, but most of the time the quarterback is just checking the play (but doesn’t change it).

BC: In the film room, what things does he focus on?

TS: The details. How we run the route, how we stick the route. The offense is real detailed; you basically have to be perfect (in everything you do).

Shrine Players Shine:  I'll be honest, I had not seen where Jamar Wall was even mentioned prior to the East-West Shrine game and it seems as if he was one of the defensive standouts to Saturday's game.'s Matt Barrows had this to say about Wall's performance:

CB Jamar Wall, Texas Tech. He was very aggressive and broke up a couple of passes for the West squad. Neither team was allowed to play press coverage, but Wall (5-10, 204) seemed to have good closing speed on the comeback and out routes.

Miscellaneous Links:  CT's Dave Matter has a quick look at the Big 12 North, keeping in mind that Texas Tech has Iowa St., Colorado and Missouri next year . . .

Recapping the OU Win:  For post-game thoughts on Texas Tech's win over the Oklahoma Sooners, I posted some thoughts on Sunday morning and TR's RRR had some thoughts as well.  DT's Mike Graham also wrapped up Saturday night's game and had this from my player of the game, SG David Tairu:

Guard David Tairu battled through illness during Saturday’s game on his way to 18 points including shooting 3-of-4 from behind the arc. Tairu also hit the floor several times drawing Sooner fouls.

"You’ve got to sacrifice sometimes," he said while coughing and drinking water during the postgame conference. "Anything that we can do to get the victory for the team, I’m willing to do."