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Thursday Afternoon Five Questions

I've made it two weeks in a row with Five Questions, today we focus on the defense a bit.  Leave your answers in the comments.

  1. New defensive coordinator James Willis and Tommy Tuberville have both said that Texas Tech will be switching to a 3-4 defense.  Anything in particular that excites you about the switch to the 3-4?  Ed.  I'd also like for you to consider reading Big Red Network's Steve Hanway's thoughts on why a college team would run the 3-4 versus the 4-3.
  2. I'm a tad bit concerned about personnel, in particular, having enough linebackers to make a smooth conversion to the 3-4.  Any guesses on the four starters next year?  Right now, the linebackers are Bront Bird, Dion Chidozie, Brian Duncan, Sam Fehoko, Brandon Mahoney, and Tyrone Sonier with the pre-bowl game talk about how S Daniel Cobb might convert to linebacker during the spring.
  3. This is the second year in a row that the Red Raiders lose their two starting defensive ends, and Ruffin McNeill was able to get tremendous production from the defensive end position, despite what you may think about his short-comings as far as a play-caller.  Any guesses as to who picks up at defensive end?  The defensive ends are Aundrey Barr, Ryan Haliburton, Kerry Hyder, and Christopher Knighton and there's always been talk that defensive tackle Pearlie Graves makes the move to end, but he's put on so much weight since he committed, it seems that he might be suited to play the defensive tackle position.  Also committed, but apparently not enrolled is DE Scott Smith (I'm not counting on him at all) and freshman Jackson Richards will enter in the fall.
  4. I've always thought that defense isn't necessarily about scheme as much as it is about having enough athletes to compete on a high level.  Agree or disagree and how close do you think Texas Tech is to having enough athletes to compete on that high level?
  5. The defense last year was middle of the road (6th in the Big 12 in Total Defense) as far as the Big 12 conference is concerned.  Do you think the defense improves or regresses from 2009 to 2010 and why?