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Double-T Nation Post Season Awards :: Most Improved Offensive Player

This is the first annual "Double-T Nation's Post Season Awards". The categories which the DTN community will be nominating and voting are as follows: Offensive Rookie of the Year; Defensive Rookie of the Year; Most Improved Offensive Player; Most Improved Defensive Player; Special Teams Player of the Year; Offensive Player of the Year; Defensive Player of the Year; and Most Valuable Player.

I'd also ask that you not vote for Leach. I appreciate your loyalty, but I was trying to do something for the players. There are 20 different posts where you can discuss how pissed you are, but you'd be doing me a solid if you could play along.

DTN Post Season Award Winners:

Today, the DTN community is voting on the most improved offensive player, which can be a bit tough to identify who may have underachieved last year and who shined in 2009.

The first player that comes to mind is LG Lonnie Edwards, who was absolutely dominating once he was given the opportunity to play. Edwards played six games in 2008, but played in eleven games this year (didn't play the Houston and Kansas St. games). If you didn't notice Edwards throughout the last part of the season then that means that he did his job as it didn't seem that his name wasn't called for a penalty for most, if not all of the season.

WR Lyle Leong started his career at Texas Tech in 2007 with ony 15 catches for 174 yards and 1 touchdown and followed that up with a somewhat similar 2008 with 18 catches 206 yards and 3 touchdowns. But in 2009, Leong had a break-out year with 45 catches for 571 yards and 9 touchdowns. Leong's best game was perhaps against Rice where he caught 9 passes for 117 yards and 3 touchdowns, but maybe his most important game was against Baylor where he caught 6 passes for 2 touchdowns, and made plays.

C Shawn Byrnes is another guy that didn't get a ton of mention throughout the year, but last year he had the starting center position taken from him by Stephen Hamby and this year Byrnes won the position back and was solid throughout the year, starting almost every game (Byrnes was out due to injury for 1 game).