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The Full 36 Minute ESPN Leach Interview

[Note by djollie111, 01/02/10 12:02 AM CST]  Embedded Video Added

ESPN should show this interview in its entirety on television. 

This will make your blood boil, both at ESPN for the important information it left out in the edited video and even moreso at the Administration (although most of us have already figured out the 'real' rationale for the firing). 

ESPN should fire Craig James for abusing his position at ESPN to pursue a personal agenda againt Coach Leach.  As the real facts emerge, it becomes clear that James (along with his sanctimonious comments) was in fact played for a fool, both by his son and the Board of Regents.  

This whole situation has been a complete shock, but nothing has moved me more than the comments of Daniel Howard's father on this site. I'm a dad too, (albeit with young children), and I teared up when I read his post.  (Seth, I know I'm repeating a bit here, but here's Mr. Howards' whole post - it bears repeating):

They say timing is everything, Craig James timed this perfectly to upset the apple cart, If my son was asked to go to the shed, he probably would refuse, but my son wouldn’t show up in sunglasses. If the Dr. said stay in a dark place that’s where you would find him. But then again my son isn’t a rock star, he wouldn’t play a game in tights and white shoes. I am positive that he has played and practiced dinged up, but he perceivered. When he was probable, against K-State, he practiced and was available for the game, the coaching staff decided to not let him play although he was ready to play. The coaching staff at Tech has the players best interest in mind, and the trainers ultimatley have control of who is able to play. I have seen them take a players helmet and not allow him to participate and the player was chomping at the bit to get back in there. Those guys are true gamers, I don’t think Adam is a gamer, it showed in the spring and this season. My feelings toward Coach Leach will not waiver just because a "little league dad" thinks his boy was treated unfairly. Coach Leach has his ways, some are questionable, but he produces, and at this level you better produce, or you will be looking for a new job. Craig needs to get his own team full of Adams and see how far he gets. He has scorched the earth in his wake of disgruntlement, he could have been a bigger man and handled this like a man, but then again this is the same guy that took money and gifts while at SMU knowing full well of the legalities and the DEATH PENALTY handed down to SMU while he skated away scott free. Chickens#@#, that’s my take, just like the SMU days. This all could have waited til after the season, but he chose to crap all over my son’s final game At Texas Tech, I feel for you and your son Craig but don’t expect an apology from me either, and if I see you I will tell you so. That’s the way my DAD raised me and he never once talked to any of my coaches about how I was treated. He told me to fade my own heat and you’ll be a better man. Mike Leach is a good man, it shows in the graduation rate and in his coaching record, and when I talk to Coach Leach he talks to me like a man because he is a man. When he makes a mistake he will hone up to it, not go off whimpering to the media, NCAA, or the Adninistration. He isn’t perfect, but he can Coach my son anytime, anywhere. Sometimes you need to turn the other cheek, it says so in the greatest book ever written.
Duane Howard

Shame on Craig James.  Shame on the Board of Regents. Shame on ESPN for allowing James to abuse his position and for continuing to allow James a public forum during this controversy.  Shame on Kent Hance (a man I grew up in Lubbock admiring) for rolling over and playing the stooge.

Saying that the wrong man got fired is self evident.  Let's hope to God that the right heads will soon roll.

Guns Up.