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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.08.09

Texas Tech Football

  Weekly Mike Leach Media Teleconference Gold:  Each Monday the Big 12 has a teleconference and each week there's some real Mike Leach gold that needs mining.  First off, you should know that if you listen, I think it's a safe assumption to say that the Captain absolutely hates doing this.  It's fairly evident by his short answers and by the awkward silences between questions.  Here's my official summary:

1) Thoughts on game Saturday's game, any pluses or minuses?  Crisp starting point, plenty of work to do.  Wants more even performance and consistency.  Special teams was strongest part of team.
2) What is the perfect QB?  Must be accurate, strong arm is down the list.
. . .  There is an uncomfortably long pause here where it appears that no one really wants to ask Leach a question.  It's probably only 30 seconds, but it feels much longer . . .
3) Are Potts mistakes good for teaching ?  Would prefer not to have any mistakes at all and anxiousness, but it's part of the process.
4) Thoughts on running game? Harrison Jeffers played well.
5) Is Baron Batch 100%?  All players at Texas Tech are 100%, thought Batch played too average, needs to worry about simple things and just worry about his job.
6) How does Leach see offense evolve?  Cares more about spreading the ball around and getting the ball into his receivers and players hands and likes the balance of the offense.
7) Do teams try not to show much as far as plays and scheme during the non-conference play?  Leach doesn't think it happens a lot, maybe a trick play, but most teams don't have a lot of trick plays.  Still have to run the offense, it's tough to change too much.  Doesn't think teams hold back very much.
 . . . and dead dial tone

  Running Game Improvement:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that the running game needs improvement and offensive line coach Matt Moore knows that the line must be better:

"We definitely have to get better at it,’’ Moore said, "which, I was really disappointed, because I really felt like going into this thing we were going to be better at (running the ball) than we were last year. We were really close, after watching the film, to having some big runs. We can’t have those kind of mistakes, (linemen) not taking the right steps and having better pad level and all that.’’

And QB Taylor Potts still feels like the running game is a strength:

"I didn’t think we ran the ball as well as everybody on this team knows we can,’’ quarterback Taylor Potts said. "That’s not pointing fingers or putting the blame on anybody. I still feel like the run game is probably one of our strongest attributes — the ability for Baron to pound through guys and get 5 or 6 yards when there’s nothing there and for Harrison and Eric to outrun people and make the exciting moves on people. I expect a huge game out of them Saturday.’’

  More Back Foot Discussion:  Per LAJ's Don Willilams, after the game, Taylor Potts acknowledged that he threw off his back foot more than he normally does and believes that this resulted in his 3 interceptions.  The Captain Mike Leach sounds like he's not too concerned:

"No, but he went through a run where he did it more than he usually does,’’ Leach said. "Everybody throws off their back foot at some point. He had a run there where he was doing it quite a bit.

"Some of it was missed assignments by the running back. There were times he’d have to tend to the blitzer, because we were failing to pick it up. At times he didn’t have to tend to it, I thought he was a little happy footed.’’

  Potts . . . Pretty Good:  FWST's Dwain Price writes this morning that Potts gave himself a 6 of 10 for his performance on Saturday, which sounds like a fair assessment, and has other notes, including the Red Raiders not looking past Rice:

"We never overlook anyone," cornerback Jamar Wall said. "We’re going to come out and prepare for Rice like we prepare for anyone else.

"They’re going to have a lot of runs and they’re going to have a lot of passing."

  Working on Mistakes:  DT's Adam Coleman writes that although Potts is getting the credit for the mistakes, the entire team is working on improvement:

After Saturday’s game, there are more things Leach wants to address this week.

Tech struggled a little bit on the ground with 12 rushes for 46 yards between three tailbacks — Baron Batch, Harrison Jeffers and Eric Stephens. Leach said he would have liked to see more from his secondary, who has three new faces this season — LaRon Moore, Cody Davis and Franklin Mitchem. He said he believes the defensive backs were not tested enough against the Fighting Sioux.

Most importantly, his team did not keep North Dakota down when it had the chance — something Leach said is not pleasing to see.

  Rice Links: The Chron's Jeffrey Martin notes that Rice QB Nick Fanuzzi will start against Texas Tech.  Fanuzzi is the better passer of he and fellow QB J.T. Shepherd is a better runner . . . Martin also sits down with Rice head coach David Bailiff  on Monday.

  Neglected Audio and Video:  Fox34 with not being concerned about the penalties and the defense needing to improve:


The Daily Toreador with highlights from Saturday's game: