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Post Game Quotes :: North Dakota 13, Texas Tech 38

Post-Game Quotes

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Mike Leach

Q. Can you elaborate about the job you thought Potts did?

COACH LEACH: I thought it was mixed. I thought his best plays were really good. I thought -- and I thought he really did a good job. I think sometimes offensively, as you get off the blocks, Bear Bryant used to say that defense, you have to stop 50 percent of the plays. He said offense is going to screw up on their own half the time, and so then you have to stop the 50 percent where they don't screw up. And so I think, you know, which illustrates the point, just getting in sync and stuff like that,, sometimes takes a little time.

And I think that, you know, there were times where he was real sharp and then we'd miss a blitz or there would be some time where he would force a ball. There would be some time where he would check a run and we don't -- we either don't do as good a job blocking it or carrying the ball as we might, you know and so I think it was mixed.

But again, I think that offensively, you know, it's a little different than just flying to the ball.  I think that you have to execute something in order for the defense to be held accountable. And I think there were too many spots offensively where we played with eight instead of 11. Although I would have been shocked had that not been the case at this point.

Q. Talk about the penalties a little bit.  Would you put that on first-game jitters, or do you attribute it to anything else?

COACH LEACH: Yeah, I think it was some of that. I think it was a combination of things. I think the biggest thing I look at is the differential between us and our opponents. Teams that -- there's two things that teams that throw it and spread it out; typically they are penalized a little bit more but typically they are opponents are penalized a little more. And I think some of that has to do with the fact that there's more space. That's easier to see. They see your guys, they see the guy -- the guy on them, too. Because I thought about for years, it's a fact.

And also, teams that are aggressive and try to make things happen get some penalties. You know, one thing that kills me is you know, there will be some team in the country that's just pitiful and they will say, well, but they were the least-penalized team, at least they were really disciplined. You know, really disciplined? They weren't really disciplined. They were afraid to make a mistake and didn't make anything happen. So there's a fine line between all that. I think that some of the first-game stuff, some was bonehead stuff, and, well, some was other stuff, you know. (Laughter).


LB Marlon Williams, QB Taylor Potts and IR Detron Lewis


Q. Overall, how do you feel you did tonight against this team?

DETRON LEWIS: I felt we did pretty good.  We came out pretty excited. I think, you know, the excitement kind of dwindled down in the second quarter, and we got kind of lacks because we got 21 and up, up 21. But overall, we did pretty good. We've got to work out some kinks, but we'll start tomorrow for the next game. 

TAYLOR POTTS: I think Detron is right. I think we got lackadaisical there in the second quarter. We got kind of happy with ourselves, and we've got to stay excited. We've got a full season and we have to stay excited throughout the whole thing. We can't slow up; we can't let up. We let up against anybody else, it's going to come back to bite us in it the butt. I thought we did some good things, but we have to stay consistent. We can't have good plays, bad plays good, plays. We have to stay on the same level and stay consistent to start this rest of the season.

MARLON WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think it's one of the things where you get up and you see the victory before you actually get it. And I think we've just got learn to keep attacking, keep playing all 60 minutes, but I think it's just, you know, mentally going through a full game which we haven't done. So mentally you kind of start to break down a little bit, and just the intensity of an actual, live game, the intensity of playing somebody else changes and I think once people start settling down and really getting into what we do on offense and defense and special teams, we'll be able to push all the way through 60 minutes and really just put people away.

Q. Marlon, there was some questions, you know, about the defense, defensive line losing a bunch of guy and the secondary being all young, can you tell us how they played today?

MARLON WILLIAMS: Yeah, man, I think -- well, starting with the D-Line, I think D-Line played very well. You know, I didn't get touched by a lineman hardly the whole game. I was able to run around, make a lot of plays, you know, and a lot of third down situations, the starting quarterback couldn't even stay in the pocket, he was trying to break out of the pocket and make something happen. So D-Line held up their part of attacking and never stopped attacking all the way through the end, d-tackles.  Linebacker-wise, I think, you know, we had a couple mistakes, but I think we played hard. We fit in our gaps when they ran the ball and we did well in pass coverage. It wasn't a perfect game but we were there, and I think secondary really stepped up man. I really think that Franklin and Cody, not playing a lot, LaRon not playing a lot, I think they really took heed to what we were doing as defense and I think they really stepped up more than what I thought they were and I think they held their own.