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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.06.09

Texas Tech Football

  Yeeeesh:  Not exactly according to plan, eh?  I'll let Kayakyakr's report card speak for me in the sense that it is what it is.  There are plenty of corrections to make and for those of you who don't frequent DTN, I'm a glass half full sort of guy and perhaps there's going to be quite a bit about how this team performs for the entire season between today and next Saturday against Rice.  I'm going to get up some Sunday analysis at some time this morning which will probably include some post-game quotes as well as a closer look into the drives for each team.

  Potts Promises Not to Throw Off of Back Foot Ever Again:  Apparently, everyone is talking about how QB Taylor Potts three interceptions were a result of him throwing off of his back foot, which makes no sense because he has the arm of a Greek god (I'm assuming that Greek gods have a great arm for throwing footballs).  Well, per Joey D. Richards at the Abilene Reporter News, he's sorry:

"Honestly, I felt like I held this offense back," Potts said. "I did a lot of things I know I shouldn’t do and a lot of things that aren’t my style or my technique, you know.

"For one, I was kind of throwing off my back foot, several times, which I don’t normally do. That’s not how I play or throw the ball. I definitely will fix that. I have a commitment to the team to fix something like that if there’s a problem."

And LAJ's Don Williams writes that Potts felt that he could out-throw the coverage:

"A couple of them, I thought I could kind of overthrow the coverage and use my arm,’’ said Potts, the successor to two-time 5,000-yard passer Graham Harrell. "I threw off my back foot and threw in a style I’m not familiar with and it didn’t work out well. The interceptions were drive killers. That’s why I say I held the offense back.’’

I promise to forgive Potts if he promises never to do that again.  M'kay?  All joking aside, I do believe that Potts will correct this.  In the few times that I watched Potts throw in a game situation, he didn't throw it off of his back foot on a regular basis.  Perhaps that's somewhat a product of the "system" in that if there's pressure, and I have to assume that there was, that not stepping into your throw may be a reaction to what's happening in front of you.  The receiver is open, but getting it to the receiver without breaking your ribs is the question.  Perhaps that's why we saw Potts seemingly roll out during the 4th quarter.

  D-Line Was Good:  LAJ's Adam Zuvanich reports that the Red Raider defensive line was pretty good:

"The D-line played very well," said Williams, who finished with a team-high 81/2 tackles. "I didn’t get touched by a lineman hardly the whole game, and I was able to run around and make a lot of plays.

"In a lot of third-down situations, you saw the quarterback couldn’t even stay in the pocket. He was having to break out of the pocket and try to make something happen. The D-line held their part of attacking and never stopped attacking all the way through."

But DE Brandon Sharpe knows they've got to improve as well:

Tech’s linemen weren’t entirely thrilled with their performance, though. A roughing-the-passer penalty on Brandon Sharpe helped fuel North Dakota’s only touchdown drive, and the Fighting Sioux’s first scoring drive — a 39-yard field by Brandon Hellevang late in the first quarter — started with back-to-back personal-foul penalties.

"The penalties really hurt us," Henley said. "It was too many penalties."

  Predictable Outcome:  LAJ's Don Williams' op-ed piece notes that the outcome of yesterday's game was predictable and uneventful:

That not being the opening night attraction we were served up, we’re left to draw conclusions from a game in which it’s difficult to get a read based on caliber of competition. Before Tech fell into a bored slumber in the middle of the third quarter, there were a few positives to be taken:

Hmmmm.  A "bored slumber" isn't exactly the way you want to come firing out of the shoot.  I don't like those descriptive words.

  Fighting Sioux, More Than Capable:  LAJ's Wayne Nelson writes that the North Dakota Fighting Sioux were more than capable of taking it to Texas Tech. 

  Texas Tech Football Notebook:  LAJ's Don Williams has a number of interesting notes in the notebook including Leach thinking that RB Harrison Jeffers deserved more carries . . . some notes on the special teams . . . offensive line coach Matt Moore had a busy evening as RT Marlon Winn was out in the first half, he moved over LT Chris Olson to RT and Terry McDaniel then moved up to LT.  One holding penalty by McDaniel led to his benching, Olson back to LT and RT Joe King picked it up for Winn . . .

  Neglected Audio and Video:  Fox34 with highlights from the game:


. . . .and KAMC with highlights as well as an interview with IR Detron Lewis who made me laugh a bit as he compared North Dakota to last year's opponent Northern Louisiana, you remember the Cajun Angels of Northern Louisiana, right?