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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.04.09

Odds and Ends

  Crazy Ending:  Well, that's one way to start off a football season.

Texas Tech Football

  Swindall and Nickerson, Will Not Play:  LAJ's Don Williams reports that WR Tramain Swindall has not found his way out of Captain Mike Leach's doghouse and CB Brent Nickerson is apparently nicked up (Texas Tech does not release information regarding injuries so details are sketchy) and are not on the game-day roster.

  More on the Parking Spot:  LAJ's Don Williams has the story on the artist that created Captain Leach's parking spot and the Captain was appreciative:

"She did a tremendous job,’’ Leach said. "(Tech football staffer Antonio) Huffman came up with that (idea), so that was real nice of those fellows. I didn’t know it would be near that elaborate.’’

  Redshirt Focus on Aaron Fisher:  LAJ's Don Williams looks like he'll be profiling the redshirt freshmen candidates and WR Aaron Fisher is up first and receivers coach Lincoln Riley thinks that Fisher is going to play at the inside receiver "Y" position:

Fisher’s size and skill set reminds inside receivers coach Lincoln Riley of former Tech "Y’’ receiver Mickey Peters, who was a quarterback and state champion hurdler in high school.

"Especially at this age, having played receiver in high school, (Fisher) is more polished, maybe has better hands,’’ Riley said. "He may not be quite as fast as Mickey, but he does some things better than Mickey. Overall, they’re pretty comparable. Speed might be the biggest difference, but he’s not a slow guy by any means.’’

  Neglected Audio and Video:  Fox34 with the Red Raiders looking to play a team game:


. . . KAMC with a short clip on the Fighting Sioux.

  2010 Recruit Tidbits:'s Aaron Dickens with a free story on the current commits who are headed to Lubbock for the weekend . . .

  Big 12 Links:  This isn't really a Big 12 Link, but nice story from Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton about a Mississippi State recruit tackling an armed student on a bus and potentially saving a bunch of lives . . . also from Dr. Saturday, Matt, Doug and Holly get reminiscent about Mike Leach and his summer contract issue . . . the Kansas City Star's Big 12 Insider . . .'s Olin Buchanan with a breakdown of the Big 12 this weekend . . . ESPN's Tim Griffin with his weekend predictions for the Big 12 . . .