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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.25.09

Odds and Ends

  A Few Things:  Interesting article from DMN's Rick Gosselin who talked with Hall of Famer QB, Joe Montana, who thinks that the spread offense can keep players from the NFL, although both of his sons play almost all or some of the spread concept . . . Ryan Hyatt and Don Williams have a brand new website . . . alcohol and beer is finally in Lubbock (hat-tip DC @ BON):

Students, vendors enjoy first day of alcohol sales (via DailyToreador)

Texas Tech Football

  Collier Leaves Team, Three DE's Return:  LAJ's Don Williams is reporting that WLB Blake Collier has left the team and linebacker turned safety, Julius Howard, is now moving back to linebacker to back up Marlon Williams.  Here's Captain Leach commenting:

"I’m not concerned about it,’’ Leach said. "The guys that are here, you coach them.’’

Hmmmm.  Seems like a strange response and you would think that if the feeling was mutual, Leach's response would have been different, like "we wish Blake the best of luck".  This makes the weakside linebacker position a little thin, and I think that you'll see one of the freshmen linebackers, Brandon Mahoney or Dion Chidozie, battle with Howard to fill the spot next year. 

Also in the story, out for this week's game is FB Ryan Hale and SS Franklin Mitchem, while DE's Rajon Henley, Ryan Haliburton and Brandon Sharpe all return for the Houston game.

  Erxleben to Remain Punter:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that freshman punter Ryan Erxleben will continue to punt for the Red Raiders and special teams coach Eric Russell talks about Erxleben:

"That’s what we’re going to get from him as a young guy,’’ Russell said. "As he gets stronger and things like that, obviously the distance will come. The thing he’s pretty consistent with is an adequate hang time, and his operation time is pretty good at getting the ball off.’’

Russell also talks about Corona losing the job and the role he will continue to fill with the team:

"No one’s more disappointed than Donnie was, obviously,’’ Russell said. "His previous punt, even though it wasn’t as big a punt as that one (against Texas), wasn’t really what we were looking for. It was too big a game to let it happen again.

"So take a little pressure off him, let him handle kickoffs. I knew Ryan mentality wise, it wasn’t going to bother him being in Texas (stadium). He’s kicked in that stadium before, and I’ve been telling him to stay ready every week.’’

  Freshman Focus on Chris Knighton:  LAJ's Don Williams is shining the spotlight on redshirt freshmen and up this week is DE Chris Knighton.  Here's defensive line coach Charlie Sadler on Knighton:

"He’s like most of the young guys," Sadler said. "He’s done really a very good job competing. I say that based upon Thursday evening scrimmages that we have. The thing you like about him, and I can see about our young redshirt defensive ends, is they have all gotten better each week. I’ve been pleased with their progress so far."

  Kingsbury Conflicted:  SAEN's Jerry Briggs sits down with former Red Raider Kliff Kingsbury, who the Captain says helped change the culture at Texas Tech:

"When we first started," said Leach, who took over for Spike Dykes at Tech in 2000, "a lot of folks thought I was nuts to throw the ball, and they thought Kliff was some guy out there that was just average and throwing it too much.

"Of course he went on to rewrite the record books, not only at Tech, but also nationally. He was very instrumental in where we are today."

And Kingsbury remembers those late nights studying film:

"We took our bumps and bruises early," Kingsbury said. "We spent many Sunday nights up there until 1 or 2 a.m., just me and him, watching film and trying to improve. And, eventually we did."

  High School Competitors:  The Reporter News' talks with the high school coaches for both QB Taylor Potts and QB Case Keenum.

  Familiar Look:  ESPN's Tim Griffin writes that the Red Raiders are set to face a very familiar team in the Houston Cougars.  Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill talks about what Houston does offensively:

"They are a challenge for anybody," McNeill said. "Houston has a great set of skill-position people and a big, strong offensive line. They do a good job of blending and mixing plays. They like to stretch you vertically and horizontally and make it tough for a defense."

So whether Holgorsen really has an advantage over the Red Raiders is debatable.

"I think it’s a draw," McNeill said. "He knows me as well as well as I know him. I think the game will depend on which team ends up making the most plays."

  Assorted Texas Tech, Houston Cougar and Big 12 Links:  Rock M Nation with Beyond the Box Score for week 3 and the SB Nation Big 12 Roundtable Recap . . . with  DT's Alex Ybarra writes about the renewed SWC rivalry between Texas Tech and Houston . . . the Chron's Steve Campbell writes that a win against Texas Tech will be the next step for Houston . . . the Chron's Richard Justice writes that the Cougars are gaining confidence . . . ESPN's Graham Watson writes that Houston hopes that their maturity keeps them humble . . . SI's Stewart Mandel writes that Kevin Sumlin has the Cougars in the BCS hunt . . . Kansas City Star's Blair Kerkoff has a well written Big 12 Insider . . .

  Neglected Video: Fox34 with a preview of the defenses: