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Week 3: How Our Opponents Fared




What did we learn about our Opponents after Week 3?

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The Good:  Nebraska, UT, Oklahoma

The Overrated:  Baylor

 Least Likely to Succeed:  Texas A&M, Oklahoma State

  • Combined Season Wins and Losses:  21-13
  • Week 3 Wins and Losses:  6-5
  • Most Significant Win:  UT survives TTU. 
  • Most Significant Loss:  Baylor losing to UConn.  I think its safe to say that BU's preseason hype is officially over.
  • Least Impressive Win:  Tie.  TAMU surrendering 521 yards to the 115th ranked Utah State in a 38-30 victory at home.  OK State surrendering 301 passing yards to 108th ranked Rice in a 41-24 home victory.
  • Worst Loss:  The Nebraska loss to Virginia Tech was a heart breaker.    To surrender an 81 yard pass with 1 minute to go. To give back a touchdown due to one penalty after another.  Ouch.    
  • Biggest Upset Win: TAMU over Utah State?  It sure seemed like it.
  • Biggest Upset Loss:  Games played out as most projected.
  • Number of Opponents in the Top 25:  Three.  Record 0-3.
  • Number of FCS Opponents (ex UND):  Zero.   Fortunately KSU scheduled Tennessee Tech and OSU has Grambling on the schedule next week.
  • Number of Opponents in the Bottom 40: Three.  Record 3-0.
  • UND Fighting Sioux Update:  The Fighting Sioux pull out a tough victory over NW State in Natchitoches.  Next game on the road at Stephen F. Austin who beat NAIA school Texas College 92-0 two weeks ago.

Team CBS Sportline Power Ranking Outcome Opponent CBS Sportsline Opponent Ranking Final Score Comments Next Opponent
Texas Tech                   (2-1) 30 L Texas    2 24-34 Credit where credit's due. Ruff and his boys played a hell of a game.  Bring on the Coogs! Houston
Texas                 (3-0) 2 W Texas Tech 30 34-24 As for those 50 point predictions... UTEP
Houston                    (2-0) 17 - Off - - After last week's performance, I like our chances. A lot. Texas Tech
New Mexico                     (0-3) 86 L Air Force 63 13-37 For UNM its always about the next week. New Mexico State
Kansas State                      (1-2) 88 L UCLA 37 9-23 Is it just me, or did UCLA look terrible.  Again. I see a rare W on KSU's horizon.  Tenn Tech
Nebraska                (2-1) 21 L Virginia Tech 15 15-16 The one that got away. The Huskers D looked impressive except for 1 play.  ULL
Texas A&M              (2-0) 68 W Utah State 115 38-30 The Ags surrender 521 yards to the 115th ranked Ags. UAB
Kansas                  (3-0) 20 W Duke 95 44-16 KU's dreams of another cream puff-schedule-driven Orange Bowl run are alive and well.  Southern Miss could be a tough out. Southern Miss
Oklahoma State                      (2-1) 18 W Rice 108 41-24 How unimpressive does OSU look right now?  A 17 point win at home over Rice? Grambling
Oklahoma    (2-1) 12 W Tulsa 59 45-0 OU outcored its last two opponents 109-0.  Bradford on his way back?  A week off and then Miami. Off
Baylor           (1-1) 54 L Uconn 61 22-30 From last week:  "This should be a close game." BU never threatened after the 3rd quarter.  Let's put the Baylor hype to bed now. NW State
Rice                 (0-3) 108 L Oklahoma State 18 24-41 OK State surrendered 301 yards passing to Fanuzzi and Shepherd. Vanderbilt
North Dakota    (1-1) FCS –unranked W NW State FCS-unranked 27-20 UND's defense recovers 3 fumbles, blocks a XPAT, and registers a safety. Stephen F Austin