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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.23.09

Odds and Ends

  Not Sure Where This Goes: BON's Billy Zane's Pundit Roundup (I promise to stop linking to his articles when he starts writing crap) and I think his thoughts on the problem with the conference blogs for ESPN are outstanding.

Texas Tech Football

  Return of Sharpe and Haliburton:  LAJ's Don Williams reports that DE's Brandon Sharpe and Ryan Haliburton returned to practice on Tuesday, but DE Rajon Henley and SS Franklin Mitchem were on treadmills working on conditioning.  Obviously good news to get some depth back at defensive end, but I've learned my lesson.  I'm not counting on anything until 8:15 on Saturday night.  Williams also talked with Captain Mike Leach on the situation at "Y" receiver, where Williams noted that IR Austin Zouzalik has taken over IR Detron Lewis:

"Detron, if he gets his head on straight and does what we’ve coached him to do, then he’s going to be a good player,’’ Riley said. "He’s obviously very explosive, but it doesn’t matter how explosive you are if you aren’t in the right spot.’’

  Dewhurst's Drive:  LAJ's Don Williams features SS Brett Dewhurst, who filled in nicely for the injured Franklin Mitcheum against Texas.  Pretty interesting story, including Dewhurst not getting a scholarship to a big program, having an insufficient SAT score, community college and then getting to Texas Tech.  Here's Dewhurst on not taking the easy route:

"I didn’t want to go the small route,’’ Dewhurst said recently. "I didn’t want to play (small) college and then watch the real stuff on TV. So I decided to come up here and go with it.’’

Defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill also had some good things to say about Dewhurst:

"Man, he was running around,’’ said defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill, who compared Dewhurst to one of Tech’s starting safeties from last year. "He’s like a (Daniel) Charbonnet. He’s feisty. He has a lot of football savvy. He’s a guy that loves contact, but he’s also a smart player who can adjust on the run. Adjustment is not a big deal for him. That was evident in the game.’’

Go read the whole thing, it's worth your time.

  #18 vs. #19:  SI's Andy Staples thinks that the Cougars and the Red Raiders are the number 18 and 19 teams in the nation.  You just don't see the Red Raiders ranked that high typically.

  Houston Cougar Links:  The Chron's Steve Campbell with a notebook on the Cougars . . . the Chron's David Barron also profiles QB Taylor Potts and his now legendary toughness . . . DT's Adam Coleman talks with former Red Raider coach, Dana Holgorsen, and player, Kliff Kingsbury and has this from each of them (and it's strange to hear Holgorsen talk about how his relationship with Leach was all business, not that there's anything wrong with that):

Holgorsen:  "He’s the reason that I’m in the position that I’m in," he said. "When I was 28 years old, living in a two-bedroom apartment, making virtually nothing, he’s the guy that had enough faith in me to call me and hire me when he got the job at Texas Tech. I owe him everything when it comes to that."

Kingsbury:  "He always made it simple for his players," Kingsbury said. "It seems complex once you get out there and people are flying around everywhere. He always had a knack for teaching it and making it simple for his players really to just pick it up and play without thinking."

  Texas vs. Texas Tech Leftovers:  Dr. Saturday Matt Hinton with some additional thoughts on the game including this bit:

Texas took advantage of that opportunity, but may be most commented for not giving anything of the sort back to Tech: The Red Raiders' best starting field position was their own 41, and they started four straight drives in the crucial stretch of the third and fourth quarters inside their own 20. Still, if the first half had unfolded exactly the same way (with Texas leading 10-3 on Shipley's return), Tech could have won if it had received the opening kick of the second half and scored to tie the game, instead of beginning the back-and-forth from that point down 17-3 after UT opened the half with a touchdown drives of its own.

. . . Chris Brown of SmartFootball has a guest post on BON and as you guys know, I think SmartFootball is always worth your time:

The fact that Tech had those yards and scored 24 points is just a testament to what Leach has done there. Indeed, one of the reasons his offense works is that you're fooling yourself if you think you can shut down their passing game to the point where they can't complete any passes -- they know you'd like to do that, and have many dramatic answers for that approach (ask Dennis Franchione). No, as Muschamp appeared to learn, you have to understand and be disciplined enough to handle a barrage of short completions, and still take away the things that can really kill you.

  Neglected Audio and Video:  NewsChannel 11's Pete Christy talks with Leach about Texas and Houston . . . KAMC has a short preview of the Cougars . . .

Texas Tech Baseball

  Video Preview:  The official site has some video of head coach Dan Spencer and pitcher Chad Bettis talking about his team this year and I would love to know where I can get a hat like Spencer's (email me  Good stuff.