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Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 09.17.09

Odds and Ends

  Myles Brand, 1942-2009:  One of the bad things about being a probate and estate planning attorney is that I deal with death every day.  The obvious effect is that the things that happen when people get old or sick doesn't affect me emotionally like it probably should.  Bob Knight was the head basketball coach when Myles Brand fired him and as a result, Knight eventually found his way to Texas Tech.  I wonder if the passing of Brand has the same effect with Knight in that if Knight feels anything.  Thus far, there hasn't been any comment from RMK, but thoughts and prayers are certainly with the Brand family.

And then last night eddyc555 posted a FanPost about Mike Zoffuto, who called the 1994 Plano East vs. John Tyler game with eddyc555, is sick with Alzheimer's.  If anyone can help, please do.

Sometimes life isn't fair or fun.

Texas Tech Football

  Injury Update:  LAJ's Don Williams has the latest on the injury issue and the only update is on IR Detron Lewis who tried to practice:

Tech workouts are closed, but Lewis left the field and came into the team’s football building suited up with shoulder pads like his teammates. Lewis suffered a hamstring injury in the second quarter of last week’s game against Rice and missed the second half.

No news on DE Rajon Henley (injured left ankle) and S Franklin Mitchem (arm in light sling).

  Running Game Woes:  Rock M Nation's Bill C. with this week's Beyond the Box Score and the numbers don't lie, the Texas Tech running game was worse in week 2 than in week 1:

I railed on the Tech running game pretty hard last week, and they responded by...putting up an even worse Rushing S&P (0.609 after the season-opening 0.625).  Line yardage improved from 1.70/carry to 2.62, but the output wasn't any better.  It's nice that Taylor Potts got going--seven touchdowns is never not impressive--but in the end Tech did nothing to alleviate my concern about their offense as a whole.  How are you supposed to give yourself a chance to win in Austin if you can't even pretend to run the ball?

  Red Raider Blogs:  TR's dedfischer looks at the Texas Tech defensive lines and the Texas offensive line, while RRR has some keys to the game before he rolls to Austin.

  McCoy Gets a Subject Line:  Lots of articles that essentially say the same thing in that Texas QB Colt McCoy needs to let the game come to him and he just needs to have fun.  LAJ's Adam Zuvanich, DT's Alex Ybarra and the Statesman's Cedric Golden.

  Texas Longhorn Links:  The Statesman's Alan Trubow and Suzanne Halliburton have a Longhorn notebook . . . SAEN's Mike Finger writes that the numbers don't tell DE Sergio Kindle's true value . . . FWST's Jimmy Burch writes that the stage is set for a Longhorn payback . . .